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November 25th, 2009 by Annette

A Tour

Whew… most of the day yesterday was devoted to moving the blog!  I knew I had a lot of files on my web host, but yikes…..

Most of the recent post pictures are showing now, but it will be a labor to go back and fix links, and categorize and tag posts (that hasn’t worked since my last upgrade).  Thankfully, I can do that over time 🙂

The header graphic has a story…

Since I started this blog six years ago, I’ve always searched for a flower field header.  Simple and colorful.  It dawned on me a couple weeks ago that I could commission one from my colored-pencil-wielding daughter.  So I did.  She drew the header and the flower used in the background.  I have a couple other small graphic bits to use here and there as well.

I did add a bit of texture in PaintShop Pro, but otherwise, no changes were made to her original drawing.

I rather like it 🙂

I would appreciate any help in letting folks know about the new link.  I do have a placeholder if someone uses the previous blog address ( ) but I don’t think that will feed into any of the RSS feeders to let folks know there’s been a move.  So, any help getting the word out will be very appreciated 🙂

Here’s my to do list status…

  • Visit the Apple Store to have them fix my iPod  – DONE!  Unfortunately, short of replacing it with a new one (for $75), there’s not much they can do.  Mine is engraved and was a gift from DH, so I’ll just keep it and nurse it along….
  • Visit a local quilt shop to see about fabric for the reindeer runner I bought in Houston – DONE! Took two shops + Joann’s, but I’ve got what I need.
  • Clear out my stitching corner – DONE!
  • See New Moon (on Friday)
  • Put up Christmas tree (on Friday)
  • Finish Echo in the Bone – DONE!  {sniff} I love love love this series.  When is the next one due out??
  • Finish baby afghan (it’s about halfway)
  • Finish Rachel’s Mirabilia RR (and mail) – Progressing
  • Finish L*K’s Halloween Flip-Its.  – Progressing
  • Move blog/website to new hosting company – 75% DONE!  Still have remaining files to sort thru and shut down old account.
  • Work up Christmas lists and get shopping started
  • Celebrate my anniversary (12 years on Friday) – Ok, this was a mis-type.  Our anniversary is Saturday (though the state of Tennessee thinks it’s Sunday, but that’s another story) and our big plans consist of dinner out sans children.
  • Mail off the BDB Bookmark winner…. Tracy!! – DONE!

My Thanksgiving cooking is underway.  Only have four dishes this year to contribute to dinner at Mom’s 🙂  Green beans (yuck – but currently simmering on the stove), corn casserole (in oven), fruit salad (K’s to make) and candied sweet potatoes (the only dish I can eat of the four)

If I don’t post tomorrow…. I hope all my US friends have a marvelous and relaxing Thanksgiving!


2 Responses to “A Tour”
  1. Happy Thanksgiving Annette! How are you doing with the food
    allergies? After reading your post a few months ago I gave up caffiene
    when eating, I need my coffee and tea, but no longer with meals. It’s
    made a huge, huge difference. I never made the connection until
    you posted your story.

  2. Love the new look.