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November 27th, 2009 by Annette


Way back in late January, I spotted a very cool pirate quilt at the Phoenix Quilt/Craft show.

At the time, I had hoped to stitch a pirate flag, but instead, found a great skull/crossbones patch at the Renaissance Faire in February.  I did have it quilted in March, though it had to make a trip to California rather than be done during the March quilt show in Mesa.

And so it sat.  Waiting for binding.

And waiting.

I actually bought the black cotton fabric for the binding about two weeks ago.  Then I had to wait for the sewing machine to come home.

On Wednesday, the wait was over!  I was ready!

I found a couple videos online of simply techniques and started measuring and…. cutting! strips.

I cut 9 20″ long and 3″ wide strips.  The longest side of the quilt was roughly 40 inches and as it wasn’t straight (it is an old map, so I couldn’t have nice straight sides), I wanted some extra length.

As I sat down to sew them together (at an angle, like the videos showed), I briefly reminded myself to pay attention to the seaming as all had to be on the same side.

Sewed them all together…. time to trim and iron!

Trimmed off all the extra seam (from the corners) and carefully pressed the 1/4″ seams open for each of the 8 seams in the strip.

Next, folded the strip in half, lengthwise, to press.  Got to the first seam…. oops!  Wrong side out!

Refolded and repressed.  Got to the second seam….  uh oh.

A check of the remaining six seams showed that I had gotten six on one side and two on the opposite.  Bother.

I cut out the two on the wrong side and reseam correctly.  Next time I’ll either buy fabric with a definitive right/wrong side or fold and iron first, so I can tell which side I’ve picked as the “right” one.

I then sewed the binding on the quilt with no further issue.  A little futzing to join the ends, trim off the excess (which was a LOT) and it was ready to turn and whip down on the back!  I added the patch last.  Here’s the finished quilt (clickable):

It’s wall hanging size and will go in Z’s room.  The light strip down the middle is sunlight, not the fabric 🙂

But what makes this is the quilting…. here’s a section of the back:

Is that not the coolest quilting?!?  LOL


8 Responses to “Pirates!”
  1. OMG! The quilting on the back is just awesome.

  2. WOW! That’s amazingly cool!

  3. Well, that is just the coolest quilt ever. The stitching on the back is astonishing! Great job there girl!

  4. That is the best quilting ever! You almost wish you could hang that side out! Very fun quilt.

  5. That is AWESOME quilting! I love that fabric. Almost makes me wish I had a boy in the house to make something out if it for. DH doesn’t count. He might like to act like a little boy, but no dice.

  6. The stitching on the back absolutely makes that quilt! Very cool. 🙂

  7. That quilting is AWESOME. Love the treasure map fabric too. 🙂

    And your binding story? Ditto. Today. I did almost everything you did, with the printed directions that I had successfully followed before right in front of me. I was using black Kona cotton & I 100% agreee no definite front & back makes it easier to make mistakes.

  8. Okay, seriously, did you do the quilting on the back yourself? It rocks!