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December 1st, 2007 by Annette

Close…soooo close

Emerald Mermaid

Well, I didn’t finish her while on vacation, but you can see I’m definitely close.  A few more leaves and flowers and then a boatload of beads and she’ll be done!  Definitely before the end of the year 🙂

Back to work this past week and I actually spent all of it in my own cube!  No travelling between buildings, no spending all of my hours (60-70 at least) on a single project and actually working on things for my own job.  It was great!  DH also chauffeured me a couple of days so I even got some knitting done on the commute.  I also learned of a vanpool that runs relatively close to my house (not as convenient as the express bus I used to take downtown, but not too bad) so for $10/week I can take that and go back to enjoying a book or a bit of knitting to and from work (and be assured of getting in and out at a reasonable time).

Two more four-day work weeks and I’m done until January 3rd.  I can’t hardly wait….


9 Responses to “Close…soooo close”
  1. Wow, Annette, you are on a ROLL lately!! She looks fabulous already, and I’m sure she’ll be even prettier with all the beads. Congratulations on everything you’ve been accomplishing – and the holiday time you get to take soon!

  2. She is so very beautiful and you have completed so much of her. I can’t wait to see what she looks like all beaded and finished.

  3. She looks wonderful Annette !!! I can’t wait to see her finished.

  4. Wow lots accomplished it looks great congrats.

  5. The mermaid is looking simply beautiful. With bead she’ll be even better.

    Enjoy your holiday coming up!

  6. So how did the beads go? I’m dying to see how she looks. And I just posted on the rotation board about your 2008 plan. Have fun!

  7. She’s beautiful! You’ll be done in no time, Annette!

  8. So close! She is looking super, Annette! I’m sure you are ready for a break from work. I hope your 4 day weeks fly by.

  9. Annette says

    Love your mermaid Annette. I am new to reading your blog so my question to you is what fabric are you stitiching her on?