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December 5th, 2009 by Annette

Gotta Love Saturday

Ah, Saturday!  One of my favorite days.

A mix of ups and downs today in the errand-running department.

First stop was my salon, to have my nails done (something I do every two weeks).

This is OPI’s Smitten with Mittens.  Nice a spah-kly, I must say.  My nail tech, Christie, is great with nail art – always something fun and seasonal.

Next stop was my framer’s with a freshly pressed Boo Club and my Mermaids finish from awhile ago.

Unfortunately, I found their retail space filled with something other than my framers 🙁  I checked with a neighboring shop and found they had gone out of business a couple months ago.  (Obviously it’s been a while since I needed framing….oops).

After a momentary panic, I decided to give my LNS a try.  I had one thing framed there years ago and while the result was fine, the gal had precious little people skills and all of her frame suggestions made me shudder.  I finally walked behind the counter and pulled corners myself until I was happy.  I was blessed with a wonderful pair of gentlemen that had done my framing for years after that, until they both retired in late 2008.

So off to the shop I went.

The new framing lady, Sandy, was great.  It took us awhile to find something appropriate for Mermaids (ended up with a darker blue, very simple frame) but we both knew it when we saw it.  For Boo Club, the first frame she pulled out was perfect!  It will be a few weeks before they are ready, but that’s fine given neither are gifts 🙂

While I was there, I picked up just a couple other items…

Counter-clockwise, starting top left:

  • October Blackbird stockings (and fabric)
  • September Blackbird stockings (and fabric)
  • Bulk pack of Bohin 28 needles (Best. Needles. Ever.)
  • Quarter of Vintage Lakeside Blue linen in 36-ct and
  • Various DMC  for….
  • Prairie Schooler’s Christmas Eve (Sampler of the Month at my LNS)
  • a couple other items not shown as they are destined as gifts

…and it was all 15% off thanks to my Attic Addict discount 😀

Christmas Eve will get started once I finish off the Mira RR this weekend.  It will.  Don’t laugh.  I didn’t say it would be finished for Christmas, though.  I’m not *that* crazy.

Left there and off to a quick stop at the grocery store (for the stuff I forgot yesterday… ugh).  I noticed a frame shop nearby and stopped in to discuss their needlework framing techniques as well as check out their other finished items (I do occasionally frame stuff other than needlework after all).  Steve was very nice and gave good answers to my questions. He recommended the small stainless staples and heavy needlework board, though I did specify I’d expect the staples on the *back* rather than top, which he agreed to do.  I’ll take in my next smallish finish and see how they do.  They have a much larger selection of frames/mats than my LNS does, so I like to have a choice 🙂

After all that… home to find beef vegetable soup in the crockpot and the Christmas tree up and lit thanks to my fabulous DH 🙂  I did suggest to K that we leave the tree as is (only lights… no garland or ornaments LOL) but she gave me “the look” 😉  I guess we’ll be decorating later!


7 Responses to “Gotta Love Saturday”
  1. I swear to you I was looking at Smitten with Mittens on Amazon today. I thought self, if you were to buy another bottle of red paint to go with the too many you already have, Smitten would be it. Great choice. 😀

    I also approve of all your LNS goodies too. lol

    Enjoy the stew and tree decorating. I *may* get mine up tonight.

  2. Melissa C. says

    I am so jealous. I would never arrive home to stew and a Christmas tree. LOL

  3. I looked at Smitten with Mittens yesterday as well when I posting the OPI link on my blog. What can I say, you have good taste in red. 😉

    Yet another Melissa 😛

  4. Uhmmm….that should read “when I posted the OPI link”. 😳

  5. Love the Smitten with Mittens! That reminds me, I’m due for a new color myself! The little ornament is a great addition to your beautiful manicure too!

  6. Bohin needles? I’ve never heard of them. Are they expensive? What makes them so great? I’m always looking for good needles. My faves so far are by Permin.

  7. Hi, do you or someone here know where i can get cool celeb nail designs?