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January 2nd, 2010 by Annette

On to 2010…

[Let me start with… whew.  I did something stupid to the blog on Thursday that essentially made it disappear and finally figured it out today.  I hate when I do that….. ugh.  I is an IT pro-fessional.  I know better!!]

Here at The Acre we had an eventful New Year’s Eve.  Mom and Al came for dinner (chili and cauliflower soup) and we exchanged our Christmas gifts (new Vera bag! A favorite movie (Secret Life of Walter Mitty)! and more palm tree dishes).  They left just after 9 and we started our tradition of a DVD marathon.  This year’s selection: Psych.  We managed about two episodes before the clock struck 12 and that was it.

New Year’s Day was spent with more Psych, aforementioned Secret Life of Walter Mitty and some NCIS episodes.  Surprisingly, DH had no interest in most of the Bowl games (he did watch Tennessee’s spectacular loss), so no football.

I did stitch.  Here is my official 2010 New Year’s start:

This is Michael Powell’s Greek Village 1 bookmark.  That’s right, a bookmark.  I decided to forgo the big project start this year and stick with something that was a) from my stash; b) finishable in January and c) did not need framing.

This is not to say I don’t have a big project for 2010 already.  I put in a few hours on Mirabilia Summer Queen:

According to my “Not a WIP unless I’ve worked on it this year” rule – I have two so far 🙂

2010 Goals

Last year’s limited goals worked out pretty well, so I’m going to stick with that format.  I’m going to skip a work-related goal, though.  There’s change a-comin’ in that area (more reorgs) and any goal I’d set today may be moot in a month.

  • Reading – 100 books for the year, including a re-read of the Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon
  • Music – Maintain my current music levels and continue to grow my iTunes library
  • Gaming – Hit a 100-day streak on my Xbox360.
  • Stitching – Finish Mirabilia Summer Queen and at least two other previously started projects (40+ hours).  Have less stash at the end of 2010 (thru use/sale/trade)
  • General – Return to the practice of setting monthly goals to support the above

January Goals

  • Finish page 3 of Summer Queen
  • Finish MP bookmark
  • Finish pink baby blanket for S
  • Hit 50 days on the Xbox streak

Hey, let’s not overwhelm the first month!


5 Responses to “On to 2010…”
  1. Wow, those are ambitious goals for the year! I have to ask, how do you find time to fit in so much? I was excited that I read 24 books last year which is pretty paltry compared to some other folks!

    Summer Queen looks gorgeous…the colours are fantastic!

  2. Can I tell you I broke out in cold sweat from: “Have less stash at the end of 2010” I’m such a junkie. lol

    I’m going to go hunt down my copy of can’t remember the title – Anne Bishop book. I know it’s up there somewhere.

    Queen is looking good! I love the colors in her dress.

  3. Summer Queen is looking gorgeous.
    She will be a joy to stitch on this year.
    Great list for the new year – but have less stash – NO WAY!!!

  4. Happy New Year Annette! I’m working on Summer Queen as well and it looks like we’re both in about the same place! Best of luck with your 2010 goals.

  5. Hmm, I like the way you’ve done your goals. May have to reconsider mine in a similar fashion.

    Love the bookmark BTW. And Summer Queen’s colors are gorgeous!