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January 7th, 2010 by Annette

All My Acres

Hello, Stitch Fans!  Welcome to today’s edition of “All My Acres” where we bring you the latest, the greatest, the most interesting happenings here at Chez Acre!

Um, Joe?

Yeah, Fred?

Let’s not set the bar too high, ok?

You’ve got a point there.  How about this?

Hello, Stitch Fans!  Welcome to today’s edition of “All My Acres” where we try to at least show enough that you’ll hang around until the end of the show!

Much better, Joe.

Great.  Ok, I’m Joe Silky and this is my cohort Fred Linenstram.  What’ve we got today, Fred?

Thanks, Joe!  For our first stop, I smell olives!  Hey, that means we’re in Greece!  Look at this great progress on the Greek Village bookmark:

Look at those lines!  See that needle placement?  Like she just stepped away!  And if you squint a bit, you can see the majestic white tower and hear the sea…..



Remember the bar?

Oh.  Yeah.  Ok.  Let’s move on to the next stop on the tour.  Is it getting warm in here?

Why yes, Fred, I feel it too!  Could that mean a Summer Queen update?

It sure does!  A nice bit of progress up at the top…

Fred, I must say, the Goal for this month is looking to be in the bag!  Just need to square off the top of the section and fill in the triangle-y area in the middle and we can call it good!

Yes, it is Joe.  Yes, it is.  I think that’s all we’ve got for today.  I’m really proud of the focus and determination we’re seeing this month!  Really, it doesn’t take much to have some great progress and keep the fans happy.  Why, I remember…

Umm… Fred?

…not too long ago..  yes, Joe?

I’ve got a new start to show.

Oh.  I. See.

It’s not bad.  Just a dishcloth.  Really, Fred.  I don’t think it’ll derail the goals at all.  See?

I hope you’re right, Joe.

Me, too.  AcreFans, this is a new January Knit-Along (KAL) found on KrisKnits blog!  We’re a big fan of her dishcloths and the monthly KALs planned for this year will make for some great Monthly Goal fodder and quick finishes!

Let’s just hope it makes the Goal cut next month, Joe.   Providing this one gets done *this* month…..

Fred… come on.  Optimism.  It won’t kill you.

Ok, ok.  I’m supportive. Anything else to share with the AcreFans?

Well, I did find this picture in the camera tonight, Fred:

Wow.  Is that the new stove, Joe?  She’s a looker!  And that microwave!  So classy….  And is that…no way… a chicken nuggets button?!?  A pizza button?!?  Cool!!

Yup, Fred.  I agree!  I think we can count on some extra home-cooked grub in the next few months.

Well, AcreFans, that’s all for tonight!  Stay safe and keep the frogs in the pond!


And just so ya know… the stove *does* have a chicken nugget and a pizza button!


9 Responses to “All My Acres”
  1. ROFLMAO – what a great funny post Annette. I loved it. And remember, that lovely new stove and microwave are just for looking at . They are way to wonderful to use.

  2. Lovely new additions, all. I’m so jealous of the built-in microwave! We had to buy one when we moved in, and I hate how much counter space it takes up!

  3. Seriously? A pizza button? That’s no fun. Does it make sure you burn the top of your mouth with the first bite?

  4. Hilarious post, Annette! You’re stitching is beautiful….and what a snazzy stove and microwave!

  5. All progress all the time. And the dishcloth I started back in October… yeah, I have about the same amount done. lol

  6. The Greek bookmark is really pretty. And I love the stove and microwave. 🙂

    I’m knitting the Kris Knits KAL too. Any idea what it is yet?

  7. You are too much! Great progress you’ve made and the new appliances look really nice! I can’t believe the stove has a pizza button and one for chicken nuggets, too. How crazy!

  8. kielrain says

    Heh, love the post.
    Nice work on the bookmark. And oooh, new stove….. nifty.

    Knitted dishclothes, maybe that is the way I need to go…. they are small and I guess I could see finishing one… someday.

  9. Very amusing Annette! Your projects are gorgeous!