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January 20th, 2010 by Annette


Next week I’m off to Las Vegas for a business/pleasure trip.

I’m flying up Monday and will be there for a work conference until noonish on Thursday.  It’s an annual conference put on by one of the software vendors that I work with daily.  I’m giving a presentation on Tuesday on Ad-Hoc Reporting (exciting, let me tell you) but otherwise it will be sessions (both technical and not) and meals with friends and peers in my field.

DH is driving up on Thursday and we’re staying at the Monte Carlo.  We’ll be driving back to Phoenix on Saturday.  It’s about a six hour drive and I thank the heavens for satellite radio every time we make it LOL

As you might suspect, I’ve been giving some thoughts to packing.  I’ll be there six days and the conference is definitely business casual all the way…. it’s mostly tech people after all.

Took me all of about 10 minutes to decide on what to wear for my presentation (black pants, black shell and pink blazer) and what to bring for the rest of the week (a lot of jeans and nice tops).

I’ve spent several days thinking on what to take to stitch on and read 😀  This was helped a little last night as I finished the latest Little House ornament, Pear Tree:

Here’s what I’ve decided (subject to change on a whim until I actually put them in a suitcase, of course):

On the left:  Jody Steward’s Pagoda Pincushion from one of last year’s Gift of Stitching magazines.

On the right: Little House Needleworks’ From Sea to Shining Sea.  Right now this is slated to be the next focus piece after I finish Summer Queen

I’ll also be taking along a crocheted baby blanket to (hopefully) finish on the drive home Saturday.  Also may throw in a simple knit scarf for airport time.

Now for reading… I need your help!  I’ve pulled five books from my bookshelves:

I will have my Kindle (of course), but I like to have a “real” book as well.  The Wynn has some gorgeous bathtubs 😀  A nice long soak one evening is going to be heavenly, but I’m not going to risk the Kindle above a tub of water.

The books are:

Which one should I take?


6 Responses to “Packing”
  1. Tough call! For bathtub reading I’d have to go with Sunshine. But I love the crap out of Nightlife. I started before They Are Hanged IIRC – I couldn’t get into it.

    Pear tree finished up so pretty & I really like your colorway for the Pagoda.

  2. Cymberleah says

    Sunshine. You really can’t go wrong with Robin McKinley.

  3. Throne of Jade is the only one of that lot I’ve read. Liked that series quite a bit. 😀

    Pear Tree looks fab. I’d forgotten about that Pagoda – may have to give it a look myself!

  4. Have the entire Temeraire series – highly recommend that one!!!
    Lovely choices for your trip. Have a great time!

  5. Oooh, good choices for your trip! Can’t wait to hear what the final verdict is. I love Pear Tree. I think I need that one!

  6. I’ve done one of the pagoda pincushions and it turned out beautifully. I’m working on a second one now, so I recognized it right away in your photo. My advice on the finishing is to not be too aggressive in your stuffing. I tend to really stuff mine very full and the whipstitches starting pulling big holes in the fabric, so if you have a tendency to stuff firmly, too, just be aware. Hope you’re having fun and that your presentation went well yesterday!