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January 3rd, 2008 by Annette

Happy New Year!

Just a quick post with New Year Stitching Status:

Emerald Mermaid – beading!!! The next post WILL be a finish.

January starts:

Desiderata – I pulled chart and fabric out on Tuesday and found that the cut size for 28-ct fabric (I had antique ivory Cashel planned) would be far too huge…and larger than the piece of fabric in my stash. I’m switching to 40-ct for something reasonable. I’ll check my LNS on Saturday, but if they don’t have anything suitable will order off to Silkweaver (where I can get a custom cut).

TW’s 12 Days Ornaments – Pulled fabric, chart and floss (only missing one color – wow) on Tuesday and have the beginnings of a drum. Yes, I started on Day 12. Why be predictable?

Tuscany Mandala – Probably won’t start until this weekend.

And for a bit of fun….

The Recipe For Annette

3 parts Fearlessness

2 parts Delight

1 part WitSplash of Class

Finish off with whipped cream

What’s the Recipe for Your Personality?


3 Responses to “Happy New Year!”
  1. Good luck with your goals – you’re definitely ambitious to stitch Desiderata on 40ct!

  2. Looks like your in fora lot of fun, hope the stitching goes well and you find the fabric youu want.

  3. Happy New Year!!!!