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January 31st, 2010 by Annette

All My Acres – January Goals

Joe: Hello Stitch fans!!  Welcome to this special edition of “All My Acres.”  Today, we’re reviewing the January Gooooooooooooo…

Fred: Hey, Joe?

J: …aaaaaallllllllllsss….  Yes, Fred?

F: I know you’re a frustrated soccer announcer and all, but let’s not overdo, ok?

J: ::sigh::  Someday, Fred.  Someday.

F: Let’s recap the Goals set way back on January 2:

  • Finish page 3 of Summer Queen
  • Finish MP bookmark
  • Finish pink baby blanket for S
  • Hit 50 days on the Xbox streak

Definitely do-able on all counts.  How did she do, Joe?

J: Not bad, considering one was impossible.  Let’s go thru them one by one:

  • Finish page 3 of Summer Queen

Here’s the current progress pic:

Summer Queen 1-31

Using the handy Photo-Strater, I’ve highlighted the area where she went above and beyond the goal:

Photo-Strater Capture

F: Wow!  That’s a good amount of overage there.  Nicely done.

J: Yes.  I think we need to up the ante for February.  But we’ll save that for the end of the show.  Next we have:

  • Finish MP bookmark

F:  I know that was done! We saw the picture on January 15th.

J:  And a fine finish it was.  Another Goal to mark “Complete!”

F:  Can we carry that on to the next one?  “Finish pink baby blanket for S”

J:  I’m afraid that one is still in consideration.  I know the plan was to finish the blanket on a car trip scheduled for yesterday, but unfortunately that trip got cancelled.  I see the blanket sitting on the couch and less than a half skein of yarn to go, so we still have a chance to see a finish yet today.

F: Hmmm… it would be easier if we had some football or baseball on this afternoon.

J: I know.  We do have a How It’s Made marathon.  And there is always the DVD collection.  I think She can do it.

F: As long as She isn’t distracted by….

J: Shhhhh…. stay positive.

F: Got it.  What about the last goal?

J: Sadly, this one was never possible.  If She’d checked her streak numbers on the day She posted, She’d have seen that it was broken on January 1.  So the best we could have hoped for was hitting 30 days.

F:  Did we get that far?

J:  No.

F: Oh.

J: Yup.

F: Ah.

J: So that’s it for the January Goal Recap.  Did you have anything else to add?

F: Why, yes, Joe, I do!  We know She was out of town most of this past week, but there was stitching accomplished and coming home early allowed for another finish in January!  This is the Pagoda Pincushion from one of last year’s Gift of Stitching magazines:

Pagoda Pincushion

J: Very nice!  Especially that it’s, you know, finished.  Care to share the floss and bead details with the fans?

F: I thought you’d never ask!

  • Overdye:  Needle Necessities 1781 – Alpine Meadows
  • Floss: DMC 3834
  • Beads: Delica 432
  • Fabric: 32-count antique white evenweave

J: That means we’ve got three finishes so far this year.  Great way to start.  Are we ready for the February Goals?

F: Absolutely!  I hope you took into account it’s a short month.

J: Why would I do that? 😀

F: Because we don’t want to lose our jobs??!?!

J:  Hmmm… true.  Ok.  ::scribble::  Here we go…..

February Goals:

  • Complete all stitching/beading “below the fold” on Summer Queen
  • Complete LUV Letters by Primrose Needleworks
  • Start/Finish next LHN Ornament:  He’s a Flake
  • Start knit scarf for SL

F: I’m not familiar with that second item.  Did She sneak in a new start??

J: It’s the annual Valentine piece for Him [DH].  I guess the usual pillow approach didn’t appeal this year.  Here’s a pic:

F:  How romantic.

J: Pretty much.

That’s it for today’s Gooooooaaaaallllll Edition of All My Acres!  See you mid-month for the regular update!

F: ::sigh::


6 Responses to “All My Acres – January Goals”
  1. Great going with your goals – I especially LOVE the pagoda pincushion finish … just scrummy 😀

  2. Good job hitting your goals. I’ve seen quite a few finishes of Pagoda lately. It’s very cute, but looks complicated to finish!

  3. I am completely in love with that pin cushion. Love the stitching, love the finishing, love it love it!!

  4. Hee. I *heart* “All My Acres”. Yes, I am easily amused, but that’s beside the point.

    I think you did VERY well with your goals. I adore the pagoda pin cushion. If I could squeeze in a new start of my own right now, I would be quite inspired.

  5. Great progress on Summer Queen!

  6. Oh that pincushion is 18 kinds of fabulous! Your needle is on fire – you are definitely going to finish Summer Queen this year.