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January 6th, 2008 by Annette

Parlez vous….biscornu?

This morning I received an email with the following subject:

Vos Biscornu

Now, I get a *ton* of spam.  Coming home from vacation I had 2800+ messages – of which 95% were junk.  Currently the Spammers are using common words, usually three,  together in the subject line to try to bypass spam filters.  This one caught my eye though as “biscornu” isn’t exactly common.

I know enough French to identify that this was a request for information on the biscornus featured in my finishing lesson.  K (having two years of high school french) was able to fill in a few more blanks and then after a final pass thru babelfish  I was fairly confident what info was being requested.  I responded in French 🙂 thanks again to the Alta Vista site.  Great workout for the brain this morning!


Laura suggested I try Jasper Ffordes Nursery Crime series – the first two books are on their way from Barnes & Noble 🙂

Desiderata – I did find suitable fabric at my LNS on Saturday!  I bought a piece of Devonshire Cream 34-ct Legacy Linen (from Access Commodities).  I’ve never used this kind of linen but it has a nice soft feel similar to Belfast and it’s got thick threads which I like for this kind of “open” stitching (all the lettering).   The 40-ct pieces were all too dark after I tossed the Anchor floss (which I did get – I’d planned to use DMC but hey, I already had them pulled out….).  They didn’t have the perle (#8 in DMC 738) so I may sub something I’ve already got in stash.

Emerald Mermaid – Hoping to finish the last of the beading today thanks to playoff football 😀  Only her tail and the fancy bits around her hair are left.


4 Responses to “Parlez vous….biscornu?”
  1. Well done in recognising the email wasn’t spam and then managing both to translate it and reply. I’m very impressed.

    I’m currently reading/listening to Fforde’s Thursday Next books (started Something Rotten last night) and I’ve decided I’ll definitely have to try the Nursery Crime books after I’ve finished the series.

    Have fun with Desiderata. I found it a surprisingly quick stitch considering its size. And it looks wonderful when finished.

    Looking forward to your happy dance for Emerald Mermaid.

  2. I am looking forward to following your progress on Desiderata, this is a design I really love, but would never be brave enough to do.

  3. Claudia W. says

    Beautiful! I love Emerald Mermaid.

  4. She is beautiful!! Happy Dancing with you, Annette!
    a TW stitching friend