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February 16th, 2010 by Annette

Stash Trumps Slump

As my stitching friends know, the best way to beat back a dreaded Stitching Slump is with new stash, right??

I had a comment from Theresa of Shakespeare’s Peddler on my recent post expressing my love of her new Jenny Bean…. (I know, I’m still kinda shocked and awed that she’d take the time to comment, let alone follow a link that was sent to her.  Thank you to whoever did that!!!)

So this reminded me I have been remiss about adding Ms. Bean’s previous releases to my stash.  And given the major slumpiness that is threatening to o’ertake me, no time like the present.

Christmas Sampler, Halloween Sampler (including threads) are on the way directly from Shakespeare’s Peddler (via Etsy).

Also sent a query on pre-ordering the newest one (with 36-ct fabric, though).

I can feel the Slump-y fingers loosening…..