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March 2nd, 2010 by Annette

All My Acres….

Joe:  Hello Stitch Fans!  It’s great to be back here at The Acre!

Fred: Yes, Joe, our little trip to Vancouver was fun, but it’s sure nice to be home.

J: Hey, Fred, did you manage to see any of our coverage of the Zamboni Races on TV?  The network gave me a schedule, but my DVR recorded some crazy infomercial, instead.

F: We didn’t make the network schedule, Joe.

J: Oh.

F: But we know we’ll make The Acre schedule!  Let’s get to today’s events!

J: Sure thing. Fred.  We’ll start with the Market Report!  Looks like She made a few purchases at the LNS Market Day last weekend.  I see Autumn at Hawk Run Hollow with a nice piece of 30-ct fabric, but it looks too small?

F: She’ll be doing it over-1, Joe.

J:  Wow.  That’s pretty ambitious.

F: Yes, but She can handle it.  A good light and magnifier, you know.

J: I have confidence!  I also see Lizzie*Kate’s Artfully Aging with a nice piece of Maritime White fabric and the new Jenny Bean sampler.  And I’m sure it’s no surprise to the fans to see those scissors!

F: Oh no, I think we could have easily predicted that one!  Don’t forget the French Country Homes and the last Loose Feathers.  All in all, a great selection.

J: Next on the program is the February Goal Review. 

F: I’m afraid we don’t have the positive results we saw for January’s.  This was a challenging month. 

J: Let’s review one by one…

  • Complete all stitching/beading “below the fold” on Summer Queen

Sadly, this one didn’t get addressed at all.  But let’s not dwell….

F: The next one isn’t much better, Joe.

  • Complete LUV Letters by Primrose Needleworks

We did see a little progress, but didn’t make it to the finish line.

J: Next up:

  • Start/Finish next LHN Ornament:  He’s a Flake

F:  Ouch.  She “Flaked” a bit on this one.

J: You could say that, yes.

F: All is not lost, we hit the last one!

  • Start knit scarf for SL

J: Oh yes.  The photography can use some help, but that’s a huge start!

F: Should we mention that finishing the scarf was her goal for the Knitting Olympics?

J: No, let’s celebrate the monthly goal success and let the medal chance go without comment.

F: Sure thing….  all in all, not a stellar performance, but given the work hours and the *great* progress on the scarf, I’m willing to give her a passing mark for the month.

J:  Me, too, Fred.  Me, too!  Let’s move on to March’s Goals.

March Goals:

  • Finish Baktus scarf for S
  • Finish He’s a Flake ornament
  • Start/Finish Jenn’s Mirabilia RR
  • Make some progress on Summer Queen

F: I think that’s a good set.  Not too easy, but not too demanding.  There are several books on the shelf that will be demanding attention, after all.

J: And of course, we have a birthday at the end of the month.  Our intrepid reporter in the field! The big 2-0!

See you next month, Fans!


6 Responses to “All My Acres….”
  1. WhizGidget says

    20? Really? Already?


  2. No way!!!! She can’t be 20…… how did that happen?

  3. well congrats to the birthday girl and on your recent stash haul. Can’t believe I missed market day at The Attic – I thought it would be this coming Saturday. I had to go back to the last newsletter and see that I missed the blurb on it. (I find the new newsletter hard to read – organization please!) Oh well I don’t think there was a whole lot I had to have from what I have seen reported from Market. I’m hunkered down working on WIPs anyway. Your scarf is looking great by the way.

  4. Another who can’t believe my little twin is nearly 20!! I’m counting backwards these days so it won’t be long before K and I meet in the middle at the same age 😉

  5. Two decades?!?! Not possible.

    Great stash haul. I may be joining you with AaHRH. I’m feeling the call….

  6. Kylie Ru says

    I dunno how it happened, actually. But if I do the math . . . let’s see, carry the one . . . Yup, I’ll be 20.