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January 22nd, 2008 by Annette

Bits & Pieces?

I get tired of using “Odds & Ends” over and over so this will be the “Bits & Pieces” installment…

So, last week I was out of town for work.  Miami is a nice place but definitely on the humid side.  I’ve lived in the Southwest for 20+ years – I’m definitely well dried out and humidity scares me.

Trip was good.  Presentation was well received.  Lots of cool new fun stuff coming in the software I work with…what more could you ask for?

Got precious little stitching done on the trip.  In fact, I only took knitting with me for the plane and what little downtime I had at the conference.  I definitely owe a picture or two of my current socks-in-process…

Upon my return to the lovely dry Arizona, I finished the first 10 hours on Desiderata:

(It’s cream fabric, not pink.)  I learned a couple of things:

I like the look of satin stitch (leaves and “G” are 3-strands cotton, over-2 on 34-ct fabric)

I like queen stitches with one strand only (but was too lazy to rip out the first three I did with two strands.  Like anyone will notice.)

Next is 5 hours on Lindsay’s UFO RR (Angel of the Morning by L&L) and 5 hours on Autumn Queen (focus for this round).  Yes, I officially started my 10-hour rotation with the slight adjustment of leading off with Desiderata to still fit in to Guilt-Free January 😉

A small new box over on the sidebar there…..  I figured out how to add our Xbox360 Gamercard (I was coveting Heather’s).  This represents our entire family (DH is the Mass Effect/Gears of War guy) so I figured I’d add *my* current game favorites below.  Yes, the second one is a PS3 game…..and I played it quite a bit this past weekend.   Cause…well….we are now multi-lingual in console gaming and HD movie playing.  Blu-Ray anyone?


10 Responses to “Bits & Pieces?”
  1. Welcome back to the land of “dry.” I always suffer so when we go home to visit anytime except the winter.

    I guess I’ll forever be technologically behind the times. You’re talking Blu-Ray and I just got my first DVR! LOL

  2. Margaret says

    Looking good! I haven’t gotten that far, but I am making progress! Of course, my life has been a bit hectic lately! I’ve got half the satin stitch diamonds done, after much frogging and have the outer border of the G done. I hope to finish the diamonds tonight and get some of the inner border done! Talk soon!

  3. Nice start on the big D 🙂

  4. Woo hoo on the gamercard!! I’m sending you a friend invite!

    Desiderata looks *beautiful*!

  5. LOL…I’m not from Miami, but living a couple states up, I know well this humidity you speak of. 🙂 It’s definitely not something you ever really get used to.

    Your Desiderata project looks very pretty. And I agree – satin stitches look really nice. 🙂

  6. You need to download Super RubADub for PS3. My DH got the freebie and it made us laugh so hard. I cried from hilarity over trying to get those little duckies down the drain in the 5th sink. Enjoy!

  7. Lovely. IMO – queen stitches & 1 strand work the best.

  8. You’re off to a nice start with Desiderata.

    We got a PS3 for Christmas, and I’m really liking the Blu-Ray!

  9. look! it’s a desi! Looks good so far – you’ll love stitching it 🙂

  10. IMO – read ‘water for elephants’. I enjoyed it & couldn’t put it down. I keep waiting for something else to keep my attention : )