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March 8th, 2010 by Annette

Weekend Update

A few things of interest from the weekend…

I read this:

Other than a trip to the grocery store and dinner out for my stepfather’s birthday, that essentially was *all* that I did on Saturday.

The Black Jewels series is one of my all-time favorites and a world I could happily live in!  I enjoyed this installment in the series better than the last – a whole lot more happened and we got more detail around the politics and workings of the world.  Now for the interminable wait for the next volume 🙁  Which will be a series of short stories next March…

I finished this on Sunday:

This is a Baktus scarf in Interlacements yarn. The yarn was nice and springy and the resulting scarf loosened up nicely when washed.  I didn’t actually block it… the weight of the yarn will keep it loose.  It will meet its new owner on Thursday (I’ll be giving a repeat performance on the presentation I gave back in January in Vegas.  Locally, this time).  No, it’s not going in the mail and I’m pretty darn confident she doesn’t read this blog LOL.

My bookshelves continue to groan as I got some interesting items in the mail:

Spellwright by Blake Charlton – how could I resist something with my *name*  (Wright) in the title?

Queen Victoria: Demon Hunter by A. E. Moorat

Hmmm….need to read faster, stitch faster and knit faster to get thru all the stash…  any hints?


One Response to “Weekend Update”
  1. Love the scarf, it turned out fabulous.

    Looking forward to a review of Queen Victoria.