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May 10th, 2010 by Annette

Monday Already??

I hate when time flies by and you’ve nothing to show for it….

Almost nothing.  I did finish my last Mirabilia RR piece over the weekend.  This is a section of Mira’s Morning Glory pixie:

If you want to see the full thing (it’s a very wide picture) click here: Sophia’s RR

Mine came home already and is off to the framer.  I’ll post when it comes home 🙂

Next up is a piece for the Chatelaine Exchange and an upcoming ABC Exchange 🙂  Someday soon I’ll stitch for me again!


2 Responses to “Monday Already??”
  1. What a pretty RR! I like the colors in Morning Glory. Sorry you aren’t getting to stitch any for yourself. That’s one reason I can’t commit to obligation stitching very often – that ,and the fact that I have this issue with deadlines in general…LOL

    I decided to take my time and savor Lover Mine rather than reading through in one big push. So I’m rationing myself a little each day. 😀 LOVE!

  2. Morning Glory is so pretty in person. She’s on my RR too, and those greens just pop in person. Great job & can’t wait to see yours all framed.