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January 31st, 2008 by Annette

Rhett Butler's People

First, thank you *so* much for all the great series suggestions! Many are now on my Amazon and GoodReads lists to pick up throughout the year.

Now for the book I just finished:

What was the last book that brought tears to your eyes as you finished the last page? Not due to the hero/heroine’s tragic death, but simply because you have finished the story? That’s how I felt after finishing Rhett Butler’s People tonight.

You must understand, I am a HUGE fan of Gone With the Wind. I watched the movie a number of times before I read the book (every spring on TV growing up). When I read the book in my late teens, I realized the movie barely scratched the surface of the story. I’ve read and reread it over the years until my paperback copy is literally falling apart.

1965 Gone With the Wind

Gone with the Wind – 1965 printing

Rhett Butler’s People is set “around” Margaret Mitchell’s classic novel. You meet Rhett before that fateful meeting at a Twelve Oaks picnic and the book continues to weave in and out of the well known events of GWTW. The author then takes you beyond Rhett’s dramatic exit and continues the story. Granted, he continues it for all of 90 pages, but it just feels *right* where the story goes after. Yes, I’ve read Scarlett, but I prefer Mr. McCaig’s version of the events. I will also admit that there were a few places in the story that I would have loved to smack Ms. O’Hara and that I can’t recall having that urge in “her” story.

 Rhett Butler’s People is true to the original novel.  Scarlett has three children, Suellen marries after the War and other characters left out of the movie are here.  That’s definitely a plus for me 🙂


6 Responses to “Rhett Butler's People”
  1. I’m glad to see somebody else loves GWtW as much as I do – I wore out my first hardback copy and am on the way to destroying my second.

    I wasn’t going to read Rhett Butler’s People because it was written by a guy and I didn’t like an interview with him that I read. Thanks to your review, I’ve now reserved it at my library.

  2. My mother is a *huge* GWTW fan as well, and she got this book for Christmas. She’s still in the process of reading it, but has mentioned that she really enjoys it. She says it really fills in a lot of gaps and is a good companion to GWTW.

  3. Margaret says

    I’ll have to look for that one next time I”m at the library or the book store! I’ve wanted to smack Scarlett for years in GWTW, since I think she’s a selfish brat a lot of the time. However, she does come through and do what needs to be done, in her own way, when necessary! I understand she’s trying to survive and take care of her own, but her approach IMHO possibly could be better.

  4. Oooh, I’ll have to check this one out and show my mother too! I remember watching the movie once a year or so with her growing up and I’m sure we’d both enjoy this one.

  5. You were not kndding when you said that you read a lot! I love to read but love to stitch as well. It is hard to find enough time for both. You certainly have an extended list of books! It is nice however to see that you treat them with kindness and respect and are careful to preserve and not destruct.

  6. I will have to go and pick this one up! Like you, I’ve always been a huge fan of GWTW–I probably saw the movie the first time when I was six, but it took until I was 15 to read the book. I wasn’t terribly impressed with Scarlett either. I always thought Rhett was such an interesting character–it will be interesting to see the story more from his point of view.