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May 27th, 2010 by Annette

My Family

Weeks ago, I told DH that the kids and I would be going to see Prince of Persia on the day it is released (tomorrow).

K works in the afternoon, so we have to work around her schedule.

I am off tomorrow (and the rest of the long weekend *and* Monday). I did agree to do a couple of calls tomorrow – one at 8:30a. PM wanted it at 7:30a (which is usually fine on a normal work day) but I told her no way on my day off.

DH knew this. I told him when I got home.

The following exchanges all took place within 10 minutes. All independently (no one heard the previous responses):

Me to DH: Kids and I are going to see Prince of Persia tomorrow at 8:30.

DH: In the morning?!?

Me: No. I have a call, remember?

Z walks in the room:

Me to Z: We will go see Prince of Persia tomorrow at 8:30.

Z: In the morning?!? What time do I have to get up??

Me: [sigh] No, at night.

Z: Oh.

K walks in at this point.

Me to K: We are going to see Prince of Persia at 8:30.

K: In the morning?!?

At this point I look at DH, Z and K. I give them The Look. The how-can-you-people-not-have-a-clue Look.

Me: No. At night. Like we discussed *yesterday* after I told you I had an appointment in the morning.



4 Responses to “My Family”
  1. 🙂 … so its not the mistake of your family to get confused…seems like they wanna watch the movie in the morning 😉

  2. ROFLOL! Too funny! You *must* tell us how you like it. I was going to meander out and see it this weekend, but I was supposed to work, but now I just found out I’m not, so now who knows…

  3. OMG….that’s too funny! Tell us what you think….I really want to see it! But getting DH to a movie theater is like pulling teeth…

  4. Heeeee. That sounds like a conversation that would happen in my house. Only DH would be the one asking the same question three times. The DDs would just tell me it better not be in the morning! LOL.