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June 2nd, 2010 by Annette

That is how it happened….

Blogging is obviously not a priority lately….

When we last met, I was planning a few days off….

Friday, I took advantage of the day off and did the “Saturday” errands a day early.  Nail appointment, grocery store, a visit to Hobby Lobby for some fabric:

Love love love the key fabric.  You’ll see more of that soon….

This selection went with a bit I bought last week from (Great site – great shipping and packaging)

(Phone pic – mildly crappy)

I also played with my new phone:

A Blackberry Curve 8900 with a Starry Night phone cover 🙂  I bought it thru Amazon Wireless which was quick and simple and way cheaper than buying it thru my provider.

Friday night (at 8:30 PM) kids and I went to see Prince of Persia.  Having played a few of the PoP games (Xbox360 and PS3) we spotted a number of game references: camera shots (showing the path to take), acrobatics (wall running, jumping) and even a couple lines including the favorite “That’s not how it happened!”  (Nice tie in to the post title, eh?)  I really enjoyed it.  Jake is certainly easy on the eyes….

Saturday, Sunday and Monday were all spent at home.  I didn’t leave the house.  I stitched more in those three days than I have in the last month.  Unfortunately, it was all exchange stitching (Chatelaine – done!, ABC Exchange – stitched!) so no pics for a bit.  I did break out the sewing machine on Sunday and tried out a recently acquired pattern:

Keys!  The bottom fabric I bought over a year ago when a local fabric shop was going out of business.

Bag is about 8″ across the top.  You can see the inside of the bag, too.

The pattern has three different sizes and this is the medium size.  I’ll use the pattern again – I like the pleat detail at the bottom – but will put in the zipper a little differently as I don’t like how the ends turned.

Tuesday, I visited the new Sea Life Aquarium here in Arizona with the kids.  Nice set of exhibits including jellyfish and seahorses.  Also managed a stop at a local Bead Shop and Krispy Kreme (chocolate and original glazed… yummm).

Back to work today…… but kept it easy and worked at home 😀  Sadly, tomorrow I’ll have to pay attention to the alarm clock 🙁  But it’s a short week and a quiet weekend ahead!


One Response to “That is how it happened….”
  1. I swear, you and Missy Ann are going to be the death of my budget with these wonderful fabric websites! Love the key fabrics. The others are rather pretty, too. I’ve been thinking that a set of little cosmetic type bags (OK – BIG cosmetic bags for Diva) would be a good Christmas idea…