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June 4th, 2010 by Annette


I recently bought some shoes.

I love having a nice fresh pair of leather Keds for summer.  And I needed some simple flats to wear to work.

I don’t wear open toe sandals to work… ever. 

I’ve only recently started wearing sandals/flips on the weekends out of the house somewhere other than the salon.

It was a momentous occasion.  Though K laughs at me when I wear flips with jeans. 

Shorts?  Uh… think again.  Not in this lifetime.

Anyway, I tried both these on in the store and brought them home.

I also fell hard for another pair of canvas Keds:

They have SKULLS and flowers (close up)!  Absolutely awesome!!!

Until I got home and put them on a couple days later (after tossing the box and receipt).

Way too narrow.  🙁

So, if you wear a size 9 and need narrow-ish skull and flower canvas Keds, please leave a comment.  I paid $20 but will let them go for less to someone who will wear them 🙂

(And no, they don’t make them in a wide version.  I checked…..)


3 Responses to “Shoes….”
  1. I wear flip flops 2 places only. Pedi & pool.

    Size 5-1/2. Too bad, those Keds are so cute!

  2. Cute Keds, sorry they didn’t fit. Question: do you consider flip-flops to be just those plastic thingies you can get at Old Navy 2/$5? Or, do you consider anything that goes between the toes and has an open back to be a flip-flop? I don’t wear the former, but have many, many shoes that would fall into the later category.

  3. size 6 narrow. Darn. Skulls and flowers are a brilliant idea.

    I’m Filipino. I was born wearing flip-flops. 🙂 I don’t walk around with bare feet. I have in-the-house-ONLY-flips and going-out flips. There are places where they are NOT appropriate though.