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June 9th, 2010 by Annette

Play Ball!

Last night (June 8th), DH and I attended the Annual Braves/Diamondbacks Baseball Game.

Note for non-baseball fans: I’m already working on tomorrow’s post which will have more interesting content for you. I think.  I hope. Well, you get the idea. 

The Atlanta Braves travel to Phoenix for a three or four game series once a year.  When DBacks tickets go on sale in April, I buy a pair of tickets for DH and I to attend one of those games.

Last night was it.  The second game of a four-game series.  This is the first year it’s been mid-week, usually the series covers a weekend.  But, thanks to the joys of being able to work at home when I need to and kids out of school, we didn’t have trouble getting away from the house.

Neither of us wear clothing emblazoned with our preferred team (I do own both a DBacks and Braves shirt) as it can get kinda interesting if we’re sitting in the midst of opposing fans.  I did go for a red shirt, but that could be seen as supporting either team since the DBacks adopted their “Sedona Red” colors and abandoned the more original purple/turquoise/black combo 😉

We left the house around 5:30p for the 6:40p start.  Arrived downtown and handed over $10 to the parking dude at 6:10p.  About ten minutes later we’re in our seats in the section directly behind home plate, 36 rows up. 

A barbershop-style quartet sang the National Anthem and we had *two* first pitches thrown out as this was the DBacks 1,000th home game.  The second first pitch (got that?) was by a fellow who had attended *every* home game!  Pretty impressive (and expensive LOL)!

Game started promptly at 6:40p:

(Click to biggify… all pics are from my Blackberry 8900.  Not bad!)

That’s Kelly Johnson at the plate, the DBacks lead-off hitter and 2nd baseman…and former Brave.  And this is *just* before he smacked a homerun into the left field seats.

Yup.  Great start. (this would be sarcasm for Braves fans, and serious for DBacks fans)

We soon realized we were in the midst of a horde of Braves fans (not sure if there is an official word for a group of baseball fans… whack? gang? pod?) and a lone… and loud… DBacks fan.  DBacks guy did start out as rather obnoxious, but as the surrounding fans interacted with him, he settled in to just loud.  As the game was tied at least four times and the lead went back and forth, you can imagine there were *plenty* of opportunities to poke fun at the each team’s fans.

I did grab a pic of My Favorite Brave #10, Chipper Jones:

Too bad I didn’t have more zoom available.  Mr. Jones best side is his back….errr….side 😉

Finally, in the top of the eighth inning, the Braves took the lead 7-5 and held on to the end.  Thank you, Troy Glaus, Braves 1st baseman and ….a former DBack.

DH and I rarely stay for the whole game.  In fact, I can’t remember the last time we did (though he swears we have previously).  We did last night….. and I have proof:

Got home about 10:30pm, watched Glee (great finale) and that was it for me 🙂


One Response to “Play Ball!”
  1. Agreed re: Chipper Jones’ best *side*. You’ll just have to capture the photographic evidence another time. I haven’t been to a pro baseball game in years. Nashville doesn’t have a MLB team, so the closest would be Atlanta. Not my favorite place in the world (BIL and SIL live there). LOL