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June 10th, 2010 by Annette

Ten on the Tenth

I had a bright idea a couple weeks ago to create my own meme-style post monthly.

Reason #1 – It means at least one post per month.  Given how much I’ve been posting lately, every little bit helps.

Reason #2 – See Reason #1.  It’s a shameless attempt to post more but not have to resort to self-psycho-analysis or endless babbling.  Which would drastically reduce the number of people who read this…. from like 3 to 0.  😉

Here’s the thought – on the 10th of each month, I’ll post a list of ten things.  This could be anything from Ten Books I Want to Read to Ten Smart Decisions I’ve Made or even Ten Things That Drive Me Crazy.  Whatever strikes my fancy that month.

For this month: 

Ten Things About Me 

(note I didn’t say “interesting” things…. no unrealistic expectations 😉 )

  1. I don’t like scary movies – suspense, sure… but scary, gory Nightmare on Elm Street-type movies, nope.  My husband and my daughter, however, love them.  They have mini-marathons watching in our bedroom, while I’m safely either out of the house or in another room.
  2. I read fiction 99% of the time. I live in the real world, don’t need to read about it 🙂 
  3. Mars Galaxy bars from England and See’s Dark Chocolate Molasses Chips – most perfect chocolate ever
  4. I would totally love to attend GhostHunter Academy 😀  I’m interested in paranormal (and have had some interesting experiences) but am very much a realist.
  5. I love to sing. In the car.  In the shower.  Walking with my iPod.  Whenever I’m listening to music.  My family doesn’t ask me to stop, so evidently I don’t sound *too* bad.
  6. In the same vein, I have a very hard time recognizing and remembering song titles and artists.  I’ll know the song playing on the radio, and can even sing along, but don’t ask me the name or the artist.  Most of the time…. I won’t know LOL
  7. I love brussel sprouts, spinach, kippers and pickled herring.  However, you can keep peas, green beans and meatloaf 😉
  8. My brand new ringtone for my brand new phone is based on this song
  9. I have an excellent visual memory.  For things I’ve read, I can tell you where on the page it was located.    
  10. I love to bake, but being recently diagnosed with a wheat allergy, I haven’t done as much in the last year.


8 Responses to “Ten on the Tenth”
  1. WhizGidget says

    Ah ha! I knew we thought alike… I’ve got RingDroid and am editing that same song into several snippets for ringtones.

  2. Ditto #1 & 2! I tell the Sci-fi book snob at work that trashy romances are science fiction too – no way you’d ever find a real life guy/romance in this world. LOL

    You should try some of the chocolates the guys bring back from Switzerland!

    Ghost Hunters Academy! I think I need to get my sister to DVR that for me. Been on a few ghostie walks in Gettysburg PA & will go on one here at the NC coast, this summer. Too fun.

  3. Numbers 2, 4, 5 and 10 – check. As for number 8, I’m seeing those guys in concert in a couple of months; they’re touring with Maroon 5. I hope they’re good live!

  4. 1, 2, 6, sometimes 8. 🙂

  5. Sometimes 9, sorry, not 8. (Man, I need to go to bed!)

  6. 2. I make it a point NOT to live in the real world. Missy World ™ is *much* nicer.

    Good idea about 10 on the 10th. Now if only I could get back into the blogging habit.

  7. Annette, A great way to get yourself to blog and to get others to respond. I am with you on #1 and # 2. I hope you have a great month. I don’t post on my blog a lot either but if you get a chance it is

  8. Cool idea Annette!