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February 16th, 2008 by Annette

Market Day

Today was Market Day at my LNS and here’s the haul.  I only got one thing technically not on my list (the Homespun Elegance tin at the top).  I had already planned on the Sarah Tobias book (the designs inside are great) and starting the Sweet Treats series from Crescent Colors.  The fabric and silks on the left are for LHN’s Brave Hearts (bought last week at the pre-Market sale).   This will be my first use of the Belle Soie silks.  I have Heart of America and My Needles’ Work coming from an ONS also.

I had hoped to find fabric for the Sweet Treats, but the one piece that I loved color wise (vintage magnolia from Lakeside Linens) was 40 ct.  Buttons are key elements on the design and I was afraid that drastic a change in count (calls for 28 ct) would mess with the buttons.  So tomorrow I’ll dig into the stash and see what I’ve got instead.

I picked up the JCS issue for the Mother’s Sampler.  I’ll have to poke around in the stash and see what I’ve got, I think the stash budget is about done for this month. LOL


3 Responses to “Market Day”
  1. Nice haul! I’m thinking of buying this issue of JCS just for the Mother’s Sampler. I don’t often even flip through the magazine, so I might have missed it if Deborah hadn’t posted a picture on her blog.

  2. Nice stash Annette, I have the Sarah Tobias book on order as well

  3. Wow! I’m dying to see that tin upclose. I’m surprised you held yourself back! LOL