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September 10th, 2010 by Annette

Ten on the Tenth – September

This month’s 10 on the 10th is inspired by the upcoming start of the fall television season!  We’re watching the last episodes of our summer favorites and looking forward to our regular season series. 

10 Shows on my DVR Scheduler

Note:  There are actually way more than 10 set to record…I’d have to wait another two weeks to do the full list 😉

In no particular order:

  1. Bones – We “found” Bones about a year ago and quickly found ourselves catching up the episodes on DVD and looking forward to Thursday night.  Great stories and characters and the geek in me loves all the science!  Of course, David Boreanaz is awfully easy on the eyes 😉
  2. Castle – Given my avowed love of Captain Tightpants, I’m sure it’s no surprise that we’ve been watching Castle since Episode 1.  Helps that it’s a great show.
  3. Dancing with the Stars – An interesting season ahead.  I’ve watched *most* of them, missing some of the early seasons as House was higher on the priority list.  If only I’d discovered the joys of the DVR earlier! 
  4. Fringe – I <3 Walter.  Another joy for my inner geek…..
  5. Ghost Hunters – The original is still the best with Grant, Jason, Steve and Tango!  It’s reality TV with quite a bit of unreality….do you believe in ghosts? 😀
  6. Sanctuary – Most of our serial/fictional SyFy shows are summer ones (Eureka, Haven) but this is our fall series.  It’s filmed entirely in front of a green screen, which makes for interesting backdrops.  Most of the time you forget what you are seeing isn’t “real” but the stories and characters are truly the forefront of the show.
  7. Glee – I own all the Glee CDs.  I went to the live concert earlier this year.  I have seen all episodes at least twice… yeah, I’m a fan.  LOL
  8. American Chopper: Senior vs Junior – We watched some of the early shows, and as much as I love seeing the bike builds, the constant yelling and drama was a little much for regular viewing.  This season, even with the acrimony between father and son, the respective shops are much easier to take.  The drama is still there, but it’s a bit less….chaotic.
  9. Say Yes to the Dress – Kylie has decided that she *must* go to Kleinfeld’s (the store in the show) for her wedding dress and she wants Randy (the store fashion director) to select it for her.  I’ve suggested she might start with a date…..  Until then, we’ll watch other brides and their perfect dresses 🙂
  10. Whose Line is it Anyway? – I think we’ve seen every episode at least 2-3 times, but there’s always a laugh!  We will skim thru the episodes with chicks and stick to the favorites Greg, Brad and Chip.  Favorite bits:  Wayne’s thong, Meow, Tapioca and Nice Pants 😀

It’s still the 10th here in Arizona!