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September 17th, 2013 by Annette


Weekend before last (the 8th) we had quite the rain here in the desert.

The plan for the day was a movie in the morning (Riddick!).  I usually buy tickets online before heading to the theatre, but for some reason the site wasn’t cooperating.  Off we went to the theatre and I went ahead to get the tickets.

Walking fast.  Rainy day.  Wet concrete.  Flipflops (standard AZ summer shoes)

I’m sure you can see where this is going.

Yup, slipped and twisted my right foot and fell.  Twice.  In about 5 feet.

I didn’t think much of it, honestly.  I have good bones 😉  Nothing broken, just a little soreness on the right side of my foot.

Today, I realized it was hurting *worse* than the day I fell.  So off to the doctor for exam and xrays.

Good news:

I timed the x-rays well.  Doc said that it would be much easier to evaluate a few days later than if I’d come in right away.  There was no swelling or bruises, so it really wasn’t as though I was ignoring a serious injury.  Just annoying.  And as I expected, nothing broken.

Bad news:

Definitely a sprained tendon.  The Peroneus brevis, to be exact.


Worse news:

I have to wear shoes.  All. The. Time.  Until it’s better, at least.  I wear shoes when I leave the house…that’s it.  The reason it hurt worse today is two days of walking barefoot in the house (tile floors = no support, no cushion).  I have avoided sandals/flip flops this week (and honestly, may avoid them until next summer at the earliest) which was a good decision.

But, really.  Shoes.  In the house.  The *first* thing that comes off when I get home are my shoes (bra is second…hey, it’s my house).  It’s like the day isn’t over.  It’s a ritual!

Two weeks of shoe torture.  Ugh.


One Response to “Ouch”
  1. First, {{{Annette}}} OUCH! Second, that bites. I’m not sure I could manage shoes in the house. You have my sympathies. Hope it helps you heal quickly!