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November 1st, 2013 by Annette

November, already?

Welcome to all the new readers from yesterday’s Blog Hop 🙂  I’ll try to keep the content at a sufficient level of interest LOL

I cannot believe it’s already November.  Such a year of change….if you’d told me a year ago (or even at the beginning of 2013) that on Nov 1 I would be six months gone in a new job and DH would once again be searching I would have expressed disbelief.

Such is life.

No stitching or other crafty updates from last night.  I took a few hours to dive into Lego Marvel Heroes to “Hulk Smash” a few bits and pieces 🙂

This weekend will include sewing pursuits as I’ve a class on Saturday at my local quilt shop to sew up a set of zippered bags.  Given the size of roll of plastic mesh I bought for the bags, I’ll have supplies for quite a while!


One Response to “November, already?”
  1. It’s amazing how fast this year has gone isn’t it? At the beginning of the year I had promised myself to last atleast until September in my current place of work, but come September everything changed and now I WANT to stay XD But yes, that is life 🙂