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January 25th, 2015 by Annette

Sunday Stitches

I’m a homebody.  Of course, this may surprise you given the amount of travel I do for work, but I truly prefer to curl up on my own couch each and every night with needle in hand.  So far this year, it’s been one busy weekend after another and I finally got a quiet one!  Minimal errands. DVR full of good stuff and stitching galore (that’s never an issue).

I finished part one of Lizzie Kate’s Things Unseen Sampler:

Things Unseen Sampler



The fabric is 32-ct PTP Wren and Weeks flosses.  I’m *very* tempted to start part 3 (the bottom) and then do part 2.  I’m ornery that way, I suppose 😉  We’ll see what happens next weekend!

I also put in the first stitches on January’s Hands on Design “Year in Chalk”  this morning.

January Year in Chalk



This is 30-ct WDW Gunmetal linen.  January calls for Chalk and Tropical Ocean GAST.

You may have noticed the increased use of QSnaps lately (or you may not – no worries).  While I still consider myself an “in-hand” stitcher primarily, the ‘snaps are definitely handy for linens and opening up the holes.

Getting old sucks.


5 Responses to “Sunday Stitches”
  1. I will be watching the Year in Chalk series with great interest! 🙂 (Fair exchange for the Story Time monthlies, I suppose.)

  2. Love your progress – can’t wait to see more on the year in Chalk!

    I wish I hadn’t found myself ‘stuck’ in so many social obligations, I’d much prefer a day or two a week to just sit and stitch (I guess that’s the opposite problem of Brownsville when I had no RL friends!).

  3. I love your miniature Schnauzer!! I had one and he was a spectacular pet. I am looking forward to seeing yu progress on both pieces. They both look wonderful. I love the PTP fabric you are using for the LK.