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March 16th, 2008 by Annette

Weekend Fun

I went to the LNS this weekend to pick up two skeins of thread to include in my Biscornu exchange package this week.   This month’s Stitcher’s Club included a discount on Lakeside Linen cuts, so I admit, I did plan to check for a couple small-ish pieces.

While I was there, the latest Victoria Sampler releases came in.  Oh my.  Have you seen the new stitcher’s pocket Where Stitchers Gather?  I had not.  I was immediately in love!  It’s reminds me of many a late night/early morning in the Stitcher’s Lounge with wonderful friends and great conversation.  Just had to have it.

Here’s what I brought home for “a two skein trip” (note, those two skeins aren’t pictured):

Country Cottage Needleworks: Cherry Hill

Lakeside Linen 1/8 cuts in Vintage Magnolia and Vintage Wysteria

Where Stitchers Gather chart & threadpack (already sorted and labelled here – note, if you can’t resist this lovely piece either, use the thread list inside the chart or on the website to do your sorting.  The one on the bag is not quite accurate)

Next stop was Michael’s.

I have been coveting the thread drops Nicole of Caroline Dreams uses for her floss (good picture here: third picture).   Inspired by links to other stitcher’s take on them (Debby & Wawanna) I headed to Michael’s for inspiration and supplies.  I found the Fiskar templates used by Wawanna, but I just *knew* that was not a long term solution for me – too much time to cut out all of those shapes individually.  I know my patience level.  Best case would be punches.  Quick, easy.

Once arrived at Michael’s, I found the craft punches were 30% off.  That made my best case even more affordable!  Unfortunately, no oval was found 🙁 I really liked the palm tree, but knew that was probably not the most practical shape.  Here’s what I ended up with:

The tag-shape is a good 2+” tall with rounded corners.  Plenty of room to write (as you can see in the stash picture above).  I had sheets of cardstock at home and I easily got 12 cards from one 8 1/2 x 11 page.  I went for an oval opening at the bottom (punching three times with the 5/8″ circle punch – one centered and then “moons” on each side to widen the opening) to give plenty of space.  A 1/4″ regular circle at the top is perfect for the ring.  In less than 10 minutes I had the 20 tags needed for the VS threadpack.

Will these replace my bobbins for regular floss?  Maybe over time.  I have A LOT of floss, so there’s no way I’ll make a wholesale transition!  I want them more for overdyed and specialty threads and managing kit floss.  They’ll also be great for blends in TW designs.

Time to stitch 🙂


6 Responses to “Weekend Fun”
  1. Your thread holders look great, and I love your new stash, two threads hey!!!!

  2. I love the stitcher’s pocket! I’m definitely putting that on my wishlist. I have also been thinking of making thread holders. I used them a very long time ago, and now that I’m getting into so many of the silks, I think that’ll be the perfect way to “store” them. Thanks for telling about your trip to Michael’s. I was wondering where I could find stuff, and there’s a Michael’s very near by.

  3. Nice stash! I love the thread drops, too. I’ve been thinking of doing something quite similar (I even have similar punches), but out of a thin plastic for extra durability. I just haven’t found the right kind yet.

  4. Hello! I stumbled across your site while looking for a stitched chess board to make for my father for Christmas (you know how present planning always starts early!) I was wondering if it would be possible to trade for or purchase your “Chess Anyone?” chart… I haven’t been able to find it anywhere. (Or if you could direct me to a place to find it, that’d be great too!)

  5. Oooh, love the idea of the thread drops! I’ve seen them on Nicole’s blog, but never thought about trying to make some myself. I have a ton of supplies already since I’m a card maker, too. 🙂

  6. Wonderful new projects!

    Delightful thread drops. I bought some & enjoy using them over everything else I’ve tried