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October 16th, 2010 by Annette

Buttons and Masquerade

Last weekend, I spent a few hours at my LNS, Attic Needlework, learning how to embellish crocheted trim with buttons.  I worked on the trim and applied it to my small pillow:

A very simple technique (some crocheted trim, #10 cotton, small crochet hook and a pile of buttons) gives a nice result.  And of course, I can see a whole bunch of other options and uses. 

To that end…. I bought some buttons.

I found some on Etsy at this seller:

I may have bought another few (::cough:: six ::cough::) assortments from her today.

I also found some at Nancy’s Notions.

I’ll give you one guess which one I clicked on first.

I also bought this, but that’s a whole ‘nother discussion.

Still waiting on the half dozen yards of crochet trim to arrive….

In the meantime, progress is being made on Masquerade by Ink Circles

I’ll be putting it away for a bit.  I realized this week that while I’d promised DH I’d finish his Summer Queen this year, that’s going to be quite difficult if I don’t actually *work* on it….


11 Responses to “Buttons and Masquerade”
  1. Buttons…I have been collecting buttons since I was a young girl…by the way, the pillow finish is really nice. Your pillow was complemented by one of the gals at the Attic when I visited there last week. Masquerade is off to a good start…

  2. I love that trim. I wonder if I could work something up like that myself.

    And how I wish I had a button collection. I just might have to check out etsy for some. 🙂

  3. Ooo, such fun stash. I love buttons and can’t resist buying them.

    I love the owl in Masq…awesome WIP.

  4. I love buttons. My mom and I both do 🙂 This is a really nice finishing technique too!

    I love your masquerade! I may have to look into getting the one… 🙂

  5. Your pillow is so pretty, the buttons really add a nice touch. Nice button stash acquisitions too. :o)

  6. I love your finished LHN piece, and I love the idea of finishing up something with a crocheted trim and buttons – I will have to give that a try myself!

  7. You’re making me want to shop! Not good…at least not for my checkbook…LOL Great finish and awesome stash!

  8. I had so much fun last weekend! I’m glad to see I’m not the only one collecting buttons now 🙂 eBay and I have become very good friends, lately.

  9. What a ton of buttons! The crocheted button trim is very cute.

    Love looking at Masquerade!

  10. Very unique trim. Thanx for the idea. I’m definitely filing it away for future use 🙂

  11. Awesome start on Masquerade! Still disappointed my LNS didn’t buy it at market. I’ll order it if I don’t completely burn the wagon in Houston. Buttons…hmm…I think I feel enabled. lol.