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October 20th, 2010 by Annette

Winner – 19th Day of Halloween

And the trees go to…..


I did not design the stitched tree.  It’s from a recently released Halloween design.

I also did not plan the two items together.  See, this is how it works… 

On the “even” days, I dig into my “Box of Giveaway Stuff” (a good sized box filled with all the crafted bits and the other items you’re seeing in the packages) and pull out the 2-3 “main” items for the next day.  I do have the crafted items planned for all the packages – there are at least two handmade items in each giveaway.  (Yes, I have a spreadsheet to track this.  I’m that much of a geek).

So the trees together was just a crazy chance of happenstance 😀

Once I have items in hand I take a critical eye to figure out how to create the tease photo.  I may consult with my daughter (a helpful contributor to the box and post office trips).   Or I may just wing it.  This one was obvious.  What you don’t see is her finger helping to position the stitched item just so….

Next…download from the camera, crop attractively, upload to my server and write the post for the next day.

I schedule the posts.  As much as I love you guys, I’m not getting up at 6am to post the giveaway entries LOL.   That’s why the odd day entries go up earlier than these, the winner announcements.  I *do* choose the winner and post after I’m awake on the even days 🙂  When I need to, I carry my handy spreadsheet with each day’s entries on a flash drive to work (shhhh), close the comments,  add in any last minute names and do the random number thing (an Excel formula) and voila!  A name is chosen, email sent (either from my Blackberry or a Facebook message on work days) and post made.

More than you wanted to know, I’m sure.

Day 11 arrived…. pictures of that package later today.  Also, Day 15, 17 and hopefully 19 packages will be off today, too.  (A little behind thanks to back issues… but catching up!)


3 Responses to “Winner – 19th Day of Halloween”
  1. it certainly takes a lot of work..and we do appreciate all your efforts and Missy’s too.

  2. It was still a great teaser… loads of stuff you do to put on this giveaway, but it is such fun!

  3. Congratulations Cheryl!