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March 26th, 2008 by Annette


We had a great trip! Here’s a few highlights:

On Thursday we drove up to Williams, Arizona which is about 30 miles west of Flagstaff and 60 miles south of the Grand Canyon. Our destination was The Grand Canyon Railway. We spent the night in the hotel and on Friday enjoyed a lovely scenic and leisurely trip up to the Canyon without the headaches of parking 😉

Bright and early Friday morning we started with a Wild West Show:

Wild West Show
(click for larger pic)

We boarded the train at 9 am and our estimated arrival at the South Rim was 11:15 am.

Unfortunately, the engine had other ideas. About 10:45 am, the train stopped. The last 30 minutes was enough of a grade that the train needed the extra boost from a turbo and we’d lost the turbo. We had to sit and wait for the train behind us (that departed at 10:15) to arrive to push us the last way.

Fortunately, I was prepared:


A dear friend gifted me with four skeins of Tofutsie on Wednesday so a skein went with me along with an extra long circular (my first magic loop sock).

We arrived at the canyon at 1. This greeted us (click for larger pic):

Grand Canyon - South Rim
Grand Canyon - South Rim
Grand Canyon - South Rim

Pretty amazing, eh?

We got back on the train at 4 and made our way back to Williams.  We did have one short stop along the way…..

Train Robbers!

Train robbers!!  Happily the sock made it home safely (along with the rest of our valuables).

We headed for home immediately, arriving at 10:30 pm, tired but a good tired.

Saturday, our possessions let us know they weren’t happy with us leaving them home alone for two days.  The engine light went on in my car (it’s now at the shop – they think it’s the sensor bad and of course all of them are on the east coast…) and the Xbox360 flashed red lights that were interpreted as “hardware failure.”  We have to send it back to Microsoft (box arrived today) to be repaired (no charge).  Estimate turnaround time: 2-3 weeks.

I did learn that my recent biscornu exchange arrived safely, so I can show it off:

Biscornu HoE Exchange

It’s a Periphaeria Design purchased at One Star’s Light ONS.  Stitched in Royalty Silk n’ Colors on a pale blue linen.  The button in the center is clear – it’s a square with a pattern very much like the border of the design 🙂

And what timing!  I just received this month’s SBQ:

When you stitch a pattern that you have downloaded do you print out the pattern or do you stitch directly from your computer screen?

I print it!  No way I could sit comfortably in front of the computer 🙂  I don’t print them (usually) before I’m ready to stitch, so I don’t have piles of charts lying around.


6 Responses to “Whirlwind”
  1. What a beautiful biscornu!!! I love Periphaeria too 🙂 Oh, I am up here in New England where spring is being so elusive… your pics of the GC make me so jealous!

  2. Love your pictures of your trip. We took the same train trip to the Grand Canyon. Really enjoyed it. Thanks for bringing back happy memories.


  3. I loved our trip to the GC!! I took so many pictures, I thought the camera would explode. We didn’t do the railroad, though…we went in February and I think it’s closed then.

    Poor Xbox! =( BTW, you can tell your 360’s blog that you’re “on vacation” so that it doesn’t become unhappy with you not playing games for so long. Our Xbox has been “repaired” (i.e., replaced) also…don’t believe the 24-hour repair promise for a minute…after 24 hours it goes into “evaluation” to make sure the repair was right. :p Even though they are just sending you another one!! Some of your arcade games may no longer work unless you’re signed in. =( Michael and I have issues b/c we’ve got 2 IDs on the same box. Good luck!

  4. Gorgeous photos – and a great biscornu – I really like that designer.

  5. Those pictures are amazing, thanks for sharing, glad that you had something to keep your hands occuppied when the train broke down.

  6. Your pictures of the Grand Canyon are beautiful, looks to me like you had a great time.
    I love the Biscornu that you stitched~ very nice exchange.
    Have a great week.