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April 13th, 2008 by Annette

I Love Sundays

When my week is hectic, I always try to find quiet time on Sundays.  Yes, today that included a baseball game (Braves lost) and a bit of stitching.

It also included photography.  My first Fair & Square exchange received from Marie P!  I love the squares 🙂

Fair & Square Round 6

I’ll be finishing off my stitching for her tomorrow and mailing it out shortly thereafter (due out by the 25th).

I also pulled off pictures of last Sunday’s excursion.

That’s Jim Butcher.  He writes The Dresden Files and Codex Alera series.  I was *seriously* excited to meet him and got totally tongue-tied when he signed my book (I was first in line).  I did remember to ask for a picture, though, and even brought my own photographer (my dear husband):

He answered questions from the crowd (over 100 people) for about 45 minutes.  The Dresden Files will be twenty “case” books and then an “apocalyptic trilogy” to wrap it up.   It was great!

That’s all for tonight….


3 Responses to “I Love Sundays”
  1. I’ve only read the first book of the Dresden Files (really enjoyed it) and I”m sooooo geeking out over you meeting him!

  2. Annette!!! I am seriously GREEN with envy. He was scheduled to be in Seattle April 1st but I couldn’t get away from work, that and I was 200+ miles on the opposite side of the state. I have _all_ his books and audio books. He was the first writer to turn me on to paranormal/urban fantasy. Did you know he’s got a comic book coming out on the 16th of April. A four comic series called “Welcome to the Jungle”

  3. […] final book comes out this fall (one of the pre-orders referenced above) and yes, I have been to a signing No […]