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November 9th, 2010 by Annette

New Glasses!

I got my new glasses today 🙂

FIrst, the see-close-up-and-far-away pair:

Designer is Juicy Couture.  I love them 🙂

Next, the wear-when-sunny pair (but no close ups):

And the back… which has a better view of the print (click to biggify):

Houston stash report coming soon….. it’s worth waiting for.  I promise!


7 Responses to “New Glasses!”
  1. great looking the sun glasses too…I think I am ready for a get checked appointment…stitiches sometimes disappear!

  2. Cute glasses! I am going to have to get myself some new sunglasses, as Indy the german shepherd got to them the other day, and pretty much destroyed them.

  3. Love both pairs fo your new glasses! The Sun shades are darling!

  4. AWESOME! But, we need to see them modeled for the camera so we can tell you how great they look ON YOU. Print on the sunglasses I particularly love. 😀

  5. I love both pair! I think the sunglasses are too cute!