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November 11th, 2010 by Annette

Houston Trip – The Stash

Yes, it’s finally time to reveal the stash purchases from Houston.

I will say, I didn’t go quite as crazy as last year, but I definitely came home with a full suitcase.

To get a sense of scale… there are 20 rows of booths in the vendor area.  Each row has at least 10 – 20 vendors.  So the fact that I could still close my suitcase?  Pretty darn reserved….. LOL

Here we go….(click to biggify for a close look)

Given the show was in November, I’m sure it is no surprise that Christmas was all over the place.  Also, a bit more wool applique this year caught my eye.  These are two kits from Plum Creek Collections, on the left, an advent calendar (nativity theme) and on the right a card-holder/banner.  I actually didn’t realize it was a card holder until after I bought it… I just liked it as a vertical banner!

At the same booth, a couple simple wool pincushions that look like cupcakes.  So cute!  The coffee cup holds a kit for a 4″ bat ornament (the packaging easily contributed to the sale) and the book/thread was intended for tatting, but it’s the perfect size for thread crochet and button trim.  I bought a couple more colors of that thread….

The few Halloween items found: two more balls of thread, a great cut of fabric, two grab bags of trim, a string of lampworked beads and just a few skull beads.

The red fabric is silk dupioni.  Gorgeous stuff.  Four Christmas fat quarters and then five random quarters that called to me from a sea of possibilities at just one booth 😉  Additionally, I have to support Bohin at every opportunity, so a few needles (including sewing machine needles, who knew?) and some threaders.  The black scissors are by Elan and, per Missy Ann, are the best for applique work.

The bottom two charts are for wool applique.  (I since called and ordered the kit for the wall hanging on the right…).  The stitching chart was purchased at The Silver Needle booth.  It’s Over the Hills from The Sampler Company.  The model in the booth was over-1 and just amazingly done.

If you’ve ever been to a show where Silver Needle puts up their Mill Hill display, you know it’s almost impossible to resist all the wonderful models.  I didn’t fight too hard, I admit 😉  The snowflake fabric (above) will be paired with at least two of the snow themed designs here.

I’ve been eyeing the Jim Shore playing cards since they were first released.  I found the coordinating fabric at another booth at the show.  I’d have pulled out the Ace of Spades and started it while in Houston, but I didn’t have a source to swap out the aida fabric for an evenweave. 

But lest you think there was no stitching…..

Amanda and I worked to separate the 18 colors of floss included in this kit.  We managed to readily identify a dozen of them and I had to break out the DMC color cards to finish it off after I got home.  Silver Needle sells small cuts of natural linen (all their models are stitched on fabric), so I was set to start…

….after I finished my applique piece that Missy Ann had generously put together for all of us to learn the basics.  It’s cute and ready to be made into a pillow the next time I break out the sewing machine.

And check out the needleminder…. so awesome!!

That’s it for the stash.  A couple more Halloween packages have arrived and I’ll detail those out in another post.  For now, me and my cold are off to take it easy for tonight.


8 Responses to “Houston Trip – The Stash”
  1. You know I approve! 🙂

    Didn’t notice that Christmas fq second from left, I’ve got yardage of that print. I love it.

  2. Wow, looks like you had a great time! Enjoy your new goodies 🙂

  3. Looks like you will have a good winter stitching and planning….

  4. Color me envious! It looks like you had an enjoyable time!

  5. wow! Amazing stash that you have there 😀
    I’m really happy here too, my halloween parcel arrived! Thank you!!!
    Have a great weekend 😀

  6. OOh tons of great purchases! I’m begging Missy to teach me applique (and that Scotty is adorable). I need to check out those playing card kits – they are toooooo cute!

  7. *faints* Ooooo, lovely stash haul, Annette!

  8. Oh, did you have fun! Can’t wait to see the finishes!