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November 24th, 2010 by Annette

And Halloween is Done!

Blu let me know that her package arrived…

I showed off the majority of the package on the 31st, but there was one more fellow that jumped in for the ride:

This is Boo from a pattern by MochiMochiLand.

A recent comment asked about the “snap” in the Snap bags I made.  It’s a very specialized item….similar to this:

That’s a metal measuring tape, 3/4″ wide.  Essentially you use regular scissors (though I would not recommend using your needlework or sewing shears, just sayin’) to cut sections slightly narrower than the opening.  Trim the corners (minimize risk of cutting through your fabric), cover cut edges with tape (I used clear packing tape, but electrician’s tape would work just as well) and slip them in (curves on the outside) before sewing up the side seams.


2 Responses to “And Halloween is Done!”
  1. Do you have a tutorial for the bags? Now that halloween is finally over, what is next on your agenda?! Are you joining the January Challenge?

  2. I love those little knitted bats, as does E. 🙂