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June 29th, 2008 by Annette


As you may have guessed, life has been…..hectic.

Thank you all for your good wishes for my new graduate.  She’s spending the summer working before starting the local Community College in August, focusing on biology and genetics.

I have been reading, playing a game now and then (Secret Agent Clank and Lego Indiana Jones are the latest) stitching on exchanges (pictures momentarily) and winding down on the work project that has consumed me for the last 18 months.  I’m still amazed that it’s almost completely released!  Of course there’s always another project in need of special attention – the next “rescue” gets my full focus starting on Monday 😉

My recent Freebie Exchange for the “Hooked on Exchanging” Group:

Martina's Roses

This is Martina’s Roses by Martina Weber finished as a biscornu (click for larger pic).

The Little House Needleworks Exchange for the same group:

Night & Day by LHN.  My very first pinkeep finish!  I must say that Vonna’s tutorial is *great* and I’ll definitely be using the technique again – so easy!

Finally, I finished off this biscornu this weekend:

(click for larger pic)

Spring Garden freebie from Indigo Rose (center rose replaced with button).  It has a purpose, but I can’t share quite yet.  It’s not an exchange, though 😉

A couple weeks ago, Mom and I had a great outing….to Hobby Lobby!  Yes, HL has made it to Arizona and not only are there two in Phoenix, but one is 5 miles from my house!  Mom and I spent a leisurely 2.5 hours walking *every* aisle on Saturday afternoon.  I didn’t break the bank (under $50 spent) but the amount of inspiration and ideas I brought home was priceless.

My reading hasn’t been quite as fast as I’ve been working from home or after hours appointments have been keeping me from vanpooling to work (where I get the lion’s share of my reading done lately).  I have finished The Well of Lost Plots by Jasper Fforde (my favorite of the Thursday Next series, I think), am re-reading Daughter of the Blood by Anne Bishop (3/4 complete) and read Blood Noir after seeing author Laurell K Hamilton at a book-signing in Scottsdale (the crowd was….interesting).   I’ve also been looking at an Amazon Kindle.  Anyone have one?

Off to watch a movie and work on a UFO RR!


8 Responses to “Hello!!”
  1. Ooo, all sorts of pretties! And HL has made it that far west? Then there’s hope for one in California yet!

  2. No Kindle yet, but dad promises for my birthday unless I get it first. I love instant gratification after all. But I know two folks who have the Kindle and they love it – I say go for it! Come on, you know you want one. 😉

  3. Your stitching finishes are all lovely. Congrats on so many accomplishments. I don’t have a Kindle but I too have been toying with the idea, it just sounds great. I did read that you may want to wait for the next version as the page turning feature is a little over sensitive. Happy Stitching (and reading), CJ

  4. Hi Annette –

    I love your blog and have the same taste in cross stitch. I’ve been knitting lately but you are inspiring me to get back to the stitching. I’ve been lurking for awhile!

    Anyhoo – I have a Sony eBook Reader and I love it. You can adjust the font and have a gazillion books. It’s awesome. I have seen the Kindle but I didn’t want to be tied to “the Man” at Amazon and I feel like there is more flexibility with the Sony. Plus, you can have pdf’s of patterns on it. Also, my cousin’s wife works for Sony so that was a great excuse to spend $300.

    The only thing is that it changes your bookstore experience. You know that feeling like – wow I just gotta get this book? Now I feel like – wow – I gotta see if it is on eReader. However, reference books (science-y) or crafty books will always be read old school so I can mark them up! I just felt like I was accumulating so many books and what would come of them?

    Thanks for your stitching inspiration, Neva

  5. Elizabeth says

    I have a Kindle, and I love it. It isn’t very good with pictures, so I’d rather have nonfiction in old-fashioned book form, but for light reading (mysteries, general fiction, etc.) it’s great!

  6. Sonda in OR says

    Your finishes were so lovely! I bet their recipients were thrilled!

  7. What beautiful finishes, congratulations!

  8. Yay on Hobby Lobby! I don’t know what I’d do without a Hobby Lobby nearby!

    You’ve been busy with your recent finishes – they are all lovely!