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November 28th, 2010 by Annette

The Stash

First – kudos to Ms. Kylie for the artwork used in the new holiday-themed header image 🙂 

On to today’s topic….

I will admit, here and now, I have a rather large amount of stash.

Copious amounts.


And in many ways… daunting.

I have been stitching for over 20 years, and yes, I have stuff that old (mostly charts and some Balger metallics.  Anyone remember those?), but the vast majority was acquired in the last ten or so years, when I went from “I need something handmade for a gift now and then” to “So many wonderful things to make for *me*”.  Which also happened to coincide with my discovery of the TWBB and ebay and…well…you know.  Coincidence?  I think not.

Then I started knitting more and found online yarn shops and amazing colors and fibers and…oh my my my.

I’ve also sewn for more years than I’ve stitched and dabbled in quilting, temari and beading.

You can imagine all the stash enhancement opportunities, I’m sure.

The Acre Homestead isn’t all that large and a family of four has a lot of stuff (and the kids insist on keeping only their stuff in their rooms, greedy things), so I’m relegated to the garage for the majority of my storage.  Given we live in Arizona, this isn’t too bad, really.  Dust is my biggest enemy as heat doesn’t seem to bother The Stash.  I use lots of recloseable plastic bags and bins.  Lots.

What started out as less than 1/2 of one wall (a set of shelves, a low cabinet and some small drawer-type units) when we moved in six years ago has grown to about 3/4 of said wall (two sets of shelves, a four-drawer legal filing cabinet and the same low cabinet with two plastic drawer units and an old three-drawer nightstand) and before this week, more bins and such stacked in front.

I had gotten to a point where I had repurchased a chart because I couldn’t find my original (though it had been used multiple times) and I knew I had a WIP I hadn’t seen for awhile but could hear mumbling…

It was time for some organizing.  The piles were at a tipping point.

And so I spent a good chunk of three days this week sorting and organizing and reorganizing.  I can definitively state that every chart I own has been sorted (in most cases, by designer, but I did do a few “general” categories.  Would it surprise anyone that “Halloween” has its own folder?) and organized in my file cabinet.  Well, those that aren’t kitted, at least.  Those are in a different drawer.  Or those that are in progress… those are in a different bucket (right out in the open so I can SEE them).  Fabric is at least sorted by count (for everything that was labelled… and that took five containers) and I have a pile of “figure out what this is” to work on.  Magazines are sorted by title (not by date….yet), yarn is all living together, mostly by weight, and while the floss isn’t sorted, I think I’ve at least found all of it.  I may have some time to get working on that tomorrow.

I did find the missing WIP.  And the original copy of Indigo Rose’s Mary’s Pin Pillow.  And my EZ Baby Surprise Jacket pattern.  All of which had been MIA.

I’ve got another two weeks of vacation at the end of December which will have a few days set aside to get the floss and beads into a better system (you know, so I can *find* things when I want them) and maybe….gasp….inventory.

Oh, and did I find things to part with in all this?  You betcha.  Eventually I’ll even get them posted here so they can find new homes 🙂


12 Responses to “The Stash”
  1. My goodness Annette….busy does not even describe you! I admire someone who is that organized. As a fellow Arizonian I know what you mean about being able to use the garage, but still as organized as I am, I do not come close to your system. You are an inspiration…I hope it rubs off on some of us. Be sure to leave stiting and knitting time….

  2. I also admire you for your organization.
    Every time I get things organized something happens.
    I definitely know what you mean about the dust here in Arizona…. seems like the minute the dust rag moves from the area another inch of it decides to may down there.

  3. I think that organizing is a great idea – you get to visit things that you lost or forgot about! And also a great time to send things on to a new home. I did that a while ago with the organizing and have a ton of charts to get rid of. I should get going on that!

  4. You’ve been a busy little bee! I enjoy stash organizing 🙂 I just wish I had more room! (They way I could get more stash!!) I don’t live in AZ, so I am unable to store things in the garage/shed. It gets way to wet and cold up here in NY! I have things in cabinets, shelves, hope chests…a little here and a little there. I think it’s time for a re-do on organizing here.

  5. Good for you, Annette. Lack is space is about the only thing that keeps my stash from growing bigger than it already is. Goodness knows where I am going to put the 9′ of linen banding I have coming, or the ten skeins of yarn that are in the mail already.

    I agree with Debbie about organizing. It is a great way to rediscovery the stash and fall in love with things all over again.

  6. That actually sounds like fun! I try to go through my stash about once a year as it always sparks my interest in what I already have. In theory it’s supposed to keep me from buying more stuff. Sometimes it works. Mostly, it doesn’t. 😉

  7. So, how many items did you come across that you can’t wait to start? Yay, to Kylie!

  8. Mary Jane says

    Oh, my! Did going through your stash seem like a walk down memory lane? I should do what you’re doing; maybe you could share a little of your inspiration??? Anyway, good for you!

  9. Good for you doing a big organization! I find that I actually save money by having stuff organized (I don’t go out and rebuy the same thing again, plus I can find all my thread, etc.). You’ll have to show some photos of your magnificent efforts!

  10. OK, I’m impressed with your organizational prowess. It took me far longer to beat my stash into any semblance of structure, and I still can’t find things I *know* I own sometimes, lol! Good for you!

  11. Mary Jane says

    Boy, do I need to do what you’re doing. Want to come to Illinois after you get your organizing finished? No? Oh, well. I’ll just take inspiration from you and get busy!

  12. Kylie’s artwork is perfect for the season:)

    You’re welcome to come to Indiana when you’re done too. Would love to see some pics of your organized space when you’re done.