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January 23rd, 2011 by Annette


A little over a week ago, I found this post by Monique from Inside Number Twenty in my feed reader.

This prompted an eBay visit… and Friday my new “focus” aid arrived and was installed on the end table (excuse the crap-tastic picture…):

Her influence is already being felt!  I have spent all my stitching time this weekend on… yes… one project.

I’ll wait while you recover from the shock.



Ok…. here’s the project (yet another crap-tastic pic, I know):

Yup, it’s the first of a pair of socks.  And technically, a WIP from last year…..

The yarn is Chewy Spaghetti, one of my favorite sock yarns.  I had started a pattern from Knitty that was a toe-up knit with some interesting construction last year.  Well, it was a little too interesting…. so interesting that it took more concentration than I wanted  to give it and after finishing the toe and working about an inch into the instep, I was no longer… interested.  (I’m sure the pattern is terrific and I accept that I am entirely to blame for the lack of commitment). 

Work has been more demanding than usual and that isn’t going to subside any time soon thanks to a recent promotion to management ( 😀 ).  The brain just isn’t up for anything too complex of an evening lately, so a nice simple sock to keep the fingers busy seemed like a good idea.  I ripped out the Interesting Sock and cast on the Yarn Harlot’s Good Plain Sock from Knitting Rules, a pattern I had worked before with success.

As you can see, I’m moving right along….. I’m hoping to get to the second sock before an upcoming business trip in a couple weeks.

I just hope the intended recipient likes them…. (you know who you are!) 😀


9 Responses to “Focus!”
  1. Off with your head! Couldn’t resist!

    Congratulations on then promotion!

    Send some of that focus my way! I keep getting distracted from my stitching by domestic projects.

  2. Very cute. Congrats on the promotion. Maybe you have addressed this before, but what are your scissors in? I have a lovely collection of scissors and would love to display them in something like that.

  3. Love the sock self patterning…someone is going to have pretty feet. Love your new help-mate.
    Enjoy your trip….make some of it stitchy fun.

  4. She’s awesome! Glad she’s making you focus. The socks are going to be fabulous. Congrats on the promotion too!!

  5. Ha! I love your queen– glad she’s “motivating” you 🙂
    Congrats on you promotion!

  6. Great progress on the socks and I love your motivator.

  7. Yay for socks! And I love the queen.

  8. Huge congratulations on the promotion!

    The sock is looking great! I haven’t attempted any socks other than on 4 dp needles….

  9. Cool, socks! You wizards with big needles impress the heck out of me. And make me very jealous. 😉