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January 31st, 2011 by Annette

Where Did January Go?

Another weekend gone and with it the month of January.  How time flies, eh?

I finished the first of the Chewy socks (yet another craptastic photograph… oooo):

 Second one is mid-cast-on.

Also made good progress on Mill Hill Winter Wonderland thanks to a few Perry Mason movies on Sunday:

Saturday, Mom and I went to the annual Sewing and Craft Fair.  I did pick up some vanilla and cinnamon (Watkins – best stuff!), a roll of interfacing (for applique) and two half yards of a Halloween print.  I also found a book that looked very interesting:

How can you resist a book with crossed swords and Templar shields?

Lots of great stuff here… though sadly, no Halloween 🙁

At the show, the cost was $30.  That was a bit steep, so I left it behind.  When I got home, a quick check of Amazon found the same book for $18.80! Ordered on Saturday and arrived today.


3 Responses to “Where Did January Go?”
  1. Love how your Winter Wonderland is looking. Sounds like you found a great deal on that book!! It always pays to check Amazon!!

  2. I had to chuckle when I read that you were watching Perry Mason movies – I spent all of my January Challenge sitting in my stitching room with Perry Mason movies on my ipad (courtesy of Netflix). My DS got sick of listening to the theme music. I just wish the older episodes were available on demand, rather than needing to get them in the mail.

    Nice progress on all your pieces – I especially love “Winter Wonderland”.

  3. That is so weird. Just a couple of hours ago I was thinking I need a good motif book. Thanks for the recommendation. 😀