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February 1st, 2011 by Annette

All My Acres

Joe:  Hello Stitch Fans!!  It is great to back here at The Acre in 2011. 

Fred: Great to see you, Joe.  It is nice to be back for the Monthly Goal Roundup.  Hopefully, this year we’ll make it longer than three months.

Joe: {nodding} Agree with you there, Fred. Of course, we’ve already missed January, so this month we’ll only be looking at the plans for February.

Fred: And quite a plan it is!  Let’s get to it…….

For February, we’ve got a few goals:

1 – Finish the Chewy Panther socks.

Joe: Chewy Panther?

Fred: I just read, Joe.

Joe: True that.

Fred: Next on the list:

2 – Finish Mill Hill Winter Wonderland

Joe: Well, that last progress pic was looking good.  Of course, it is the closest we’ll get to snow in Arizona!

Fred: Oh! Look here… a new start is in the works:

3 – Start/Finish Pine Mountain February Band for DH for Valentine’s

Joe: Oh, how romantic. Moving on….

Fred: And last, but not least….

4 – Select the next WIP for finishing out of the overflowing WIP box.

Joe: Heaven knows she’s got plenty to choose from.

Fred: Ain’t that the truth, Joe.

Joe: That’s it for this month!  See you in four short weeks to review just how things work out…


3 Responses to “All My Acres”
  1. LMAO at the “I just read, Joe” comment; too funny!

    Good luck with your goals!

  2. I’ve missed Fred and Joe. Glad they’re back! You know, you could add a “love interest” to All My Acres. Could make for interesting reading. You know, for those months with lagging goal progress (not that I know anything about that). Just sayin’.

  3. True that. LMAO!