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February 26th, 2011 by Annette

Is this thing on?

Yes, I made it safely home from NYC.

Took me a few days to thaw out, though.  Hopefully the next trip will be made during warmer weather.

Valentine’s Day was a wonderful success:

On the left: Pine Mountain February pillow (stitched for DH).
On the right: Diamond and amethyst earrings (for me).

Since that finish, I’ve made a good start on the first round of the latest Mirabilia RR.  This is Kathy’s piece:

The design is Faerie Treasures, if you don’t recognize it 🙂

I have made progress on my latest pair of socks as well:

I’m moderately concerned with the amount of remaining yarn and the knitting left to do.  I guess the only way to know for sure is to keep going (in absence of a scale or other logical validation methods).

Mom gave me a lovely new pair of Dinky Dyes scissors and a fob as a congratulatory gift on my recent promotion:

And then we hit Market Day at the LNS….. I brought home a few things:

  • Blackbird Designs – A Stitcher’s Journey
  • Shakespeare’s Peddler – Jenny Bean’s Creation Sampler (and fabric and floss)
  • Praiseworthy Stitches – Wonderfully Wicked Whimsies

  • Ink Circles – Fireweed kit
  • Ink Circles – Just Rosy
  • Lizzie Kate – Flora McSample Stitch Lesson Sampler
  • Shepherd’s Bush – Hold Hope (box on order)
  • Mill Hill – Tuscan Cottage (didn’t come out at market, it just jumped in the pile.  Really.)

That should keep me busy for awhile, eh?


6 Responses to “Is this thing on?”
  1. all lovely…

  2. Welcome home. Wondered why you had been so quiet LOL.
    Love the February pillow. Oh, I can see some progress on my RR – Whopee!!!
    Now that’s some awesome stash. Save some funds for the 14th. They are opening the store for us Canadians and our friends!!!

  3. Very nice. I see a few things in your Market Day haul that I would have picked out for myself.

  4. Lovely Valentine’s Days gifts!!! And the Mira RR is looking beautiful, great choice to stitch. Lots of great stash at Market night. I’ll have to check out the Wicked Whimsies, I don’t remember seeing those.

  5. Awesome stash! Glad you’re home. Pretty-ful stitching. I want your new earrings. There, I covered it all!

  6. At least your trip to cold climates was only temporary! It was a shock to come back from the DR last week. At least I’ve got sunny SW Arizona to look forward to!

    Looks like you did very well for Valentine’s Day!