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March 7th, 2011 by Annette

Weekend Successes…and Not

I spent Sunday afternoon at Downton Abbey (thank you, Netflix), finishing up this lovely Faerie:

Mirabilia RR – 2011

Kathy’s RR – Faerie Treasures

This was the best part of the weekend…. the worst part happened on Saturday night.  Kids and I watched Sorceror’s Apprentice (not bad…we liked it) and after the coda finished we heard snap and crackle from our 50″ plasma TV.

Not a good sound.

The TV is about seven years old and we’ve had a couple issues with it previously (under warranty….though it was a struggle and took months to get it fixed) so we weren’t too horribly surprised with the latest. 

Our lovely TV now has a 1″ x 15″ black line down the center of the picture.  It’s like watching a move from a seat with a pole in front of it.  Well, one that doesn’t reach the ground…..

TV shopping and evaluation has begun.  DH went out Sunday for some initial scouting and we’ll be headed out with an Intent To Purchase here shortly.


9 Responses to “Weekend Successes…and Not”
  1. I’m sorry about the TV, Annette. If you’re interested, I can ask DH for some recommendations for best value (he works in home theater…) – he usually just needs to know your budget, and how far back from the TV you will be sitting.

  2. Great job on Kathy’s RR…love how the bit of Faerie Treasures looks! Sorry to hear about the tv. Ugh! I’m waiting for something similar to happen but mainly so I could upgrade to something bigger and LCD. My tvs appear to be workhouses that don’t want to die. Hope tv shopping goes well!

  3. Sorry to hear about your TV, that really sucks!

    But I like the good news in your post! Your Fairy looks great!

  4. Blog the new TV when you get it. Unfortunately, I’m right behind you. Ours just has “snow” for now, so it’s still mostly watchable. But DH says it’s the beginning of the end….

    Faerie is quite lovely! 😀

  5. Oh no – that just sucks. Hope it doesn’t stop you from a little stashing next week LOL.
    You have done a wonderful job on Fairie Treasure. Thank you.
    Look forward to seeing you soon.

  6. Beautiful stitching! I bet Kathy will love it.
    What a PITA about your TV. Hope you get a new one sorted out soon.

  7. Oooh, sorry about the tv. No fun! But, the Mira looks beautiful!

  8. Well Annette that just sucks! My good old Panasonic Gaoo I’ve had for about 13 years now. Long live the CRT!

  9. Beautiful stitching and sorry to hear about your TV.