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May 10th, 2011 by Annette

10 on the 10th

Hey, it’s my meme, I can skip a month if I want to ūüėČ

A few weeks ago my personal Blackberry died an untimely death.  I had been planning to get an iPhone this summer when the new models arrive (and my upgrade triggered) but evidently The Universe decided I needed one sooner.

I bought an iPhone 4 (that I will upgrade to a 5 when they are available).¬† Holy cow, I love this little thing.¬† For at least…. ten reasons:

10 Reasons I Adore my iPhone

  • The screen is gorgeous!¬† Pictures, books, games, they all are sharp and clear and easy to read.
  • I can make my own ringtones!!¬† Kylie calls?¬† I hear “Jessie’s Girl” (her best friend is named Jessica and she claimed this song for her own years ago).¬† DH calls?¬† True Companion plays.¬† Anyone else? Owl City’s Fireflies plays.¬† All with a little free app.
  • Flying on Southwest?¬† Easy check in on my phone.¬† And I fly SW most of the time.
  • Simple syncing with my laptop…. and all my music!¬† I have only moved over a small selection of my very favorite songs, but I will keep adding.
  • One charger in my travel bag for both my iPod and iPhone! Though I may leave the iPod home on the next trip….
  • Much nicer interfaces for Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, SpringPad¬†and GetGlue.
  • Angry Birds…. what more do I need to say?¬† ūüôā
  • I can silence the ringer with a little slider on the side.¬† Great for night time and business meetings.
  • I usually play a game or two on my laptop in the evening… now I can play my favorites on my phone!¬† Plants vs. Zombies and PuzzleQuest 2.¬† I don’t get sucked in to hours online, but still give the brain a rest after a long day.
  • And the last reason…. Words With Friends!!¬† (AZAnnette414)¬† OMG!¬† What a great game!¬† I used to play Scrabble with my¬†Granny regularly and my memory of two letter words and q-words-without-a-u are slowly coming back to me. LOL¬† I spent¬†time this past weekend stitching on Greek Mandala between WWF moves and didn’t even turn on the laptop…. I can’t tell you the last time I was offline (at least off PC) all weekend.

And now…. I think it’s my move…


5 Responses to “10 on the 10th”
  1. I’ve been waiting and waiting and waiting for Verizon to get the iphone and for my upgrade. I will be giving my old phone to my daughter in June and at that point will be an iphone. Can’t wait. I have an ipad and an itouch and LOVE them both. It is so nice to check email quickly or facebook without having to wait for the laptop to boot up. I also use the ipad as an ereader which has been great. It will be nice to take the internet with me on a phone though. I’m looking forward to it!

  2. Had mine only a week and I feel the same! Why didn’t I do this sooner? I need that ringtone app. The sales guy at the Verizon store told me about it, too. Glad you love yours as much as I do mine. It’s nice to have a happy you don’t have to share with the family sometimes.

  3. You can have different ringtones for persons without an app. I have that too. I have different ringtones for people and even different tones for messages. I can hear immediately who of my family wants to speak to me or sends me a message, and I don’t have an app for that
    But I do also love the my Iphone for….
    2 different ebook readers (kindle and stanza) – I don’t buy paper books anymore. I have my books with me all the times.
    a calendar that combines the calendar from me, my husband, his work shifts, and my daughters (can be seen all/partly combined or individual) – I really cannot be without this app to keep track with everybody’s schedules.
    a shopping list that syncs between the different Iphones in the family (SO handy)
    a GPS for hiking
    a car navigator with voice (I’m lost without that …lol)
    a app that holds all little utilities like conversions, passwords, translator, currency even a ruler
    couple of games
    newspaper..I start my day with the daily newspapers on the phone
    of course facebook

    All by all my phone became something that is with me at all times. I’m having an Iphone now since couple of years and wouldn’t be without one.

    These smart phones are a relief in live

  4. I love my iPhone! It makes life so much easier than the Blackberry!

  5. Mary Jane says

    I’m trying to wait for the new iPhone to come to Verizon this summer, but you make it hard to be patient! Love your Greek mandala; what gorgeous colors!