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September 28th, 2008 by Annette

Inspiration and a DVD for Trade…

As I was surfing the blogs this week I spied an amazingly cool pin cushion on Missy Ann’s blog.

Click here.  I’ll wait.

Isn’t that just the coolest thing?!?  (Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday, how did you guess?)

While the online instructions aren’t bad, a quick trip to the Barnes & Noble website showed the Pretty Little Pincushion book in stock just a few miles down the road.  Friday night I stopped there and then Hobby Lobby for felt.  In less than an hour this afternoon, I had my first bottlecap pin cushion.

(Spool for scale)

I’m totally doing the eyeball next.  And there are a few others in the book that will make perfect “extras” for exchanges 🙂


A couple years ago, K was studying The Canterbury Tales in school.  She heard about a movie with Sean Bean, Bill Nighy and others that sounded rather interesting.  Well, the only place I could find it for purchase was Amazon UK.  Being the eternal optimist, I figured there *had* to be a way (with reasonable cost) that we could get this thing to play here in the States.


So, anyone wanna Canterbury Tales DVD coded for Region 2 (UK)?  Maybe a bit of chocolate (Galaxy) in trade?


6 Responses to “Inspiration and a DVD for Trade…”
  1. Aren’t they fun?! I hope everyone gives them a go. They are so easy. I couldn’t believe that it was something I made! If you thread a needle, you can make one of these.

    I’m trying very hard to control my book habit, but I do predict this book will come home with me one day.

  2. I did The Canterbury Tales in school too, but Bill Nighy would make it much more interesting than my old english teacher!

    The region differences between DVD players is all software based. If you google search “unlock dvd player” and add your player’s brand and/or product code you should be able to find the series of buttons on the remote you need to press to make your player region free. I’ve did that to both the players in my house years ago, with no problems at all.

  3. If you can’t unlock the DVD, I would be willing to trade for it – Galaxy is my fave UK chocolate too :o)

    Does the DVD play on your computer? We don’t have a TV, so that’s how we watch them, with a largish monitor, it’s not too bad :o)

  4. Love your pincushion. I have been saving the caps & have not started making any yet!

  5. That pincushion is hilarious! Thanks for the link 😀

  6. It’s really easy to unlock a dvd player as suggested by Chiasmata above. Even my husband managed to unlock his portable one so he can play all region dvds on it and he is the least techno-minded person I know!

    Good luck.