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October 12th, 2008 by Annette

Exchanges and Celebration Tales

Warning:  Long post with lots of pictures

I had a great time at Celebration of Needlework in Louisville Thursday thru Saturday.  I spent quality time with several ladies I consider my friends (so what if most of us hadn’t met in person until this weekend), I spent money, I laughed so hard I cried (more than once) and had decent mexican food in a bar with stripper poles (thankfully, no strippers were in attendance).

But before we go there…..Exchange pictures

I came home to find my Halloween Exchange package all the way from Holland!  Love the fabric (in the bottom right) and the framed piece will do nicely in my cube at work.

Also saw that my Mattress Pincushion exchange had been received.  Here’s what I sent:

Design was found on Blackwork Archives (filling stitches).  I put names/dates on the long sides and motifs on the short sides (but of course, took no additional pictures).


Flight left at 8:30 on Thursday morning.   It was nonstop Phoenix to Louisville on Southwest – about 4 hours.  When Mom and I travel, we usually bring along a cribbage board and play cards on the plane.  The flight was full so we did have a third person in our row, Pat.  (Easy to remember given Mom’s name is Pat…. ).  He was coming from a nursing conference in Phoenix and heading to another one in Louisville (in the same hotel as Celebrations).  And the best thing?  He played cribbage 😀

Pat gave us a ride to the hotel (he lived in KY and had parked his car at the airport) and we checked in to our room.  View was less than spectacular….

Next stop was the registration desk to check in and look at the class models.  I looked with longing at the Nantucket Petticoat Row model and gave it *serious* consideration throughout the day (class was Friday at 8am).  We headed in to the vendor area and started walking the four short rows of booths.  First purchase was Just Nan’s Scream House at Silver Needle booth (ok, along with a couple other items…pictures will follow) and I had the opportunity to chat with Nan who was very nice.  I told her about my Halloween Exchange piece and showed her pictures that were still on my camera.  Our next stop was Jo’s booth and I was very pleasantly surprised to find Laura from Enchanting Lair in the booth as well!  Lots of hugs and chats as we all caught up and looked at all the great models Jo and Laura decorate their booth with.

We finished off the booths and then started back to the room to drop off purchases and figure out what we were going to do for dinner (having only managed a few crackers on the plane).  In the lobby area we found Missy Ann, who was waiting on Melissa and Cheryl to head out to dinner.  Voila… dinner plans done!

Dinner was at a restaurant just a couple blocks away in a nice downtown area blocked off to traffic with several restaurants (including Hard Rock Cafe and TGI Fridays).  We chose a place called Sully’s that was not crowded (there were maybe two tables with people at them) as Melissa, Cheryl and Missy Ann were signed up for the Round Robin class that evening at 7 (it was 5:45ish).   The best thing I can say about the place – the food was ok.  Service was *awful* and Melissa, Cheryl and Missy Ann had to walk fast when we finally got out of the restaurant to get back for their class.  Mom and I had a more leisurely walk back and settled in to the Stitchers’ Lounge to wait for class to be over.  What I learned that night – sign up for the Round Robin events!  Several great small kits were handed out.

As we stayed late stitching and socializing, I decided against the 8am class and chose sleeping later and room service breakfast.  Friday morning we left the hotel about 10:30 to visit the nearby Louisville Visitor’s Center and pick up tshirts (Mom) and the requisite refrigerator magnet (me).  The shopping mart was calling us back and I managed to add a few more things to my stash while finding time to visit more with Jo and Laura.  Susan and Holly arrived mid-afternoon which required one more round in the shopping area before dinner.

Our plan for Friday night was meeting just before 5pm to find dinner as we all had signed up for the 7pm Special Event with Susan Greening-Davis.  Melissa had spotted a mexican restaurant and that was our destination.  It was an interesting place – more of a bar (complete with the Breathalyzer on the end of the bar) with the aforementioned stripper poles in the center of a few booths.  The food was pretty good (chicken flautas for me) and inexpensive.  The Lucha Libre (Mexican wrestling) decor was something to see……

We made it back in plenty of time for the Special Evening Event and took over most of a table (7 of the 10 seats).  The event included a Silent Auction (Fundraiser for Breast Cancer), a few games of Stitcher’s Bingo, a small kit from Susan Greening Davis and plenty of dessert – chocolate covered strawberries, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, cheesecake, chocolate petit fours…..oh my.

There was some creativity and competition on display with the Stitcher’s Bingo bits:

Melissa won with a 13 macaroni tower

Mom went for a more sturdy construction

This is the basket that I won:

It’s filled with fabric (mostly aida), charts (kept a few, left a few in the lounge for others), floss (better seen in picture below) and a completed Lizzie Kate design (framed).  The basket went home with Cheryl as I didn’t care to fight it on the plane!

All told, here is the take from the event (Bingo prizes and favors):

What I brought home from the basket (the tin is just jammed with DMC and Anchor floss):

After the Event, we converged again in the Lounge (with a few other stitchers from the show) and did what stitchers do at these things – stitch and talk.  Missy Ann and I shut the door late (we were the last two remaining) and I got a few hours sleep.  We all met for breakfast the next morning downstairs and one by one we headed back home throughout the day.

I had a great time and really enjoyed getting to know everyone a little better.  I love having a face and voice to go with blog and board posts.

Here’s the final shot of the stash I brought home:

Two Make-It, Take-It kits:

Mom added a couple charts to my stash:

And what I bought myself:

(That’s two Opps packs of floss from Jo up there…)


10 Responses to “Exchanges and Celebration Tales”
  1. It was lovely to finally be able to meet you, Annette! I hope we can attend another “Celebration” together next year.

    Thanks also for the bat – Ethan loves him. I need to take a picture for my blog!

  2. Thanks for the recap and for posting pictures. Hopefully we can all meet up again next year. 😀

  3. WOW! That sounds like a weekend packed with fun 🙂 Thanks for sharing. It is a lot of fun reading about such events.
    And you got some very nice STASH!

  4. Melissa C. says

    Hmmm, my earlier comment isn’t showing up.

    ANYway, I had the bestest time with you and your so fun mom. I loved spending time with you guys!

  5. Loved getting to meet you Annette (& mom too!) I had the best time, and you were one of the reasons why.

  6. See this???

  7. What an awesome time it sounds like…. wish I could have been there.

    And is that yarn I spy up there with a Dinky Dyes logo…

  8. JenJen3574 says

    Sounds like a good time was had by all. I have just got to make the next one. 🙂

  9. Annette – I meant to say “thank you” again for the little knitted “boo”. DS loves it! I need to take a picture this weekend (I left my digital card at my MIL’s place last Sunday). I hope to take a picture and post it to my website!

    BTW – Holly and I are already making plans to attend Nashua in late April. Are you sure we can’t talk you and your mom into travelling to that one?

  10. It sounds like you had lots of fun. I miss going to these things. Hopefully they’ll bring one closer to California soon. Great stashing!