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October 13th, 2008 by Annette

Thank you, Fate

8:30 am –  IM from DH “Did Kylie call you?  Her car wouldn’t start.  She’s taking her bike to school today”

1:30 pm – Call from Kylie:  Mom!  There’s water everywhere!  Your toilet tank (the top part) cracked and it’s leaking all over!”  Told her where to turn off water and to put towels down to start soaking up water.  It took a dozen to cover most of the affected area.  I left work within 30 minutes to start the cleanup.

Why a thank you to Fate?  If her car had started, she’d have gone straight from school to work and the leak would have had over four more hours to soak the house.

After helping to soak up water (while I made plumber and carpet cleaner calls) DH went out to look at her car.  It started immediately.  No trouble at all……


6 Responses to “Thank you, Fate”
  1. Fate, luck, what have you…

    Thank goodness for less water damage.

  2. Claudia W says

    I love fate! Isn’t it just amazing what happens when we REALLY need the help?!?

  3. Melissa C. says

    Oh my gosh, what a hassle. Thank goodness things worked out the best they could have under the circumstances.

  4. Good karma earns you great rewards on occasion.

  5. Glad things worked out for you in the long run.

  6. omigosh!!!!!!!!! Gotta agree with Erin: You’ve definitely been rewarded!