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November 10th, 2011 by Annette

Where Does the Time Go?

Good heavens… well into November already!  This year has just flown by.

Truth be told, I haven’t exactly been twiddling my thumbs.  RR pics have been posted, the TUSAL jars are not empty and work is still busy.

The year is definitely winding down, though.  I’m on the last round of the Mirabilia RR that requires mailing (I will have a final square on my own RR to complete when it comes home) and while work is still busy, I’ve got a quite a few vacation days to take and given my company doesn’t allow any rollover of vacation days, it’s a slower pace across the entire company for the last few weeks.

I took a class at my local LNS last week with the marvelous Heather and my separated-at-birth new friend Teresa.  We’d never met before and found an amazing amount in common in our short time together!

I had decided to take the class about a week before and picked up the kit of pre-stitching the next day.  I stitched like the wind, but fell just a few hours short of finishing (it was a lot of work… 14 motifs with specialty stitches).  Class was at 2 on Friday afternoon and I spent about 20 minutes in the parking lot frantically stitching smyrnas in hopes of getting enough done to be able to start whatever finishing tasks were ahead.

Of the 25-30 folks in the class, there were only a handful of ladies with completed pieces.  I had neglected to notice in the directions that we were focusing on the box finishing…. which has nothing to do with the stitched piece.

I did impress several of my fellow students with the amount of work I finished in the week, though 🙂

And of course, I haven’t picked it up since, instead starting Homespun Elegance Holiest of Nights which I purchased the next day on a shopping trip with Heather and Teresa…pictures soon 😉


3 Responses to “Where Does the Time Go?”
  1. TEASE! You post all of that with no pics?! I feel cheated. 😉

  2. ^^ Ditto to what Cheryl said. Where are the pictures???

    I love meeting up with separated at birth new friends 🙂 – I met a woman at the Toyota dealership last week that I had so much in common with – it was amazing, and we only talked for about 10 minutes 🙂

  3. Was this the Chocolat class by Jackie du Plessis? If so, I took it at Elegant Stitch four years ago. I have yet to finish it (oops!). It’s a real shame too since the bunny tape measure is so adorable!