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November 25th, 2011 by Annette

WIPocalypse and Theme-licious 2012

It’s that time of year again…to look at next year’s stitching plans!

You may have seen Measi’s WIPocalypse making the blog rounds.  While I will not admit to the number of projects that are currently filling the various WIP storage areas in my stash, I will say it’s more than 10.  And less than 50.

In the spirit of getting them out of WIP status and on to the walls, I’m taking on the WIPocalypse challenge for 2012.  I’ve made a page to help keep track.  While there’s a starting list for the challenge, it will probably change before January 1st and all along throughout the year.

There will be a January 1 start.  Right now, I’m thinking Bluebell by Mirabilia…. which would play perfectly into the January Theme from Heather’s Theme-licious 2012.

One thing I’m not doing next year is anything exchange or RR-related.  I will probably do a monthly project as that worked out well this year.  I’m thinking the new monthly cottages from Country Cottage Needleworks but haven’t made a final decision yet on layout and fabric.  I’m also considering Long Dog’s Bhyr Deeze as a SAL with a couple other gals.

Three new starts along with a dozen WIPs pulled out for next year.  We’ll see how the plans hold up….


3 Responses to “WIPocalypse and Theme-licious 2012”
  1. Been feeling guilt for a while about not making a plan for 2012. You’ve pushed me over the edge! Your plans sound great. I wish you fabulous success and much progress on whittling down the WIP pile.

  2. I’ve signed up for the WIPocalypse but had not heard about the Theme-licious 2012, it sounds interesting. I’ve already signed up for two things for next year and since I keep letting stitching go for months at a time I don’t want to overstretch myself so I’ll stick to what I’ve got. However, I look forward to watching your pieces grow they all sound wonderful!

  3. I think those CCN cottages would be lovely – you could do them on the one piece of fabric, similar to a RR.

    Good luck with your 2012 goals!