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October 29th, 2008 by Annette

Here We Go Again….

First the results of my Friday stitching.  I’ll be putting in a few more stitches this Friday with the next Let’s Stitch Stitchathon.  At a minimum I can fill in that white hole (at the bottom of the checkered sash) with Wisper…

Today, I signed up for Twitter.  I saw a mention on Melissa’s blog and well, why not?  I can update from my Blackberry, so I’ve got a decent chance of adding “tweets” now and then.

But we all know… best laid plans and all that….

And in the “About Time” category, I rented the first two discs of Season One of Battlestar Galactica this week.  When K went to get Disc 3 (why would they end the second disc with a “To Be Continued” episode?!?!), it was not available 🙁   What was I to do?  Well, buy Season One at Wal-Mart, of course.  (It was actually cheaper than Amazon…surprisingly).

So, I’ll be slowly working my way thru BG over the next few weeks.  Unlike Firefly, at least I found it while new episodes are still forthcoming.  Even if it is just a handful.

In my defense, I *adored* the original series.  I simply could not get over the whole “Starbuck is a girl” obstacle with the new series when it first started.  I know so many folks that rave about it, so I figured it was worth another look.


4 Responses to “Here We Go Again….”
  1. Oh! I just love BG (the new one). I hope you enjoy it! I never saw the original one so I didn’t have any bias, though. I hope there’s another season coming in 2009!

  2. I love the new BSG… yes, the whole Starbuck thing took some getting used to, but now I love Starb***h.

  3. I’m very behind on my blog reading but wanted to congratulate you on your framed finishes – I just love VS Christmas Tree one and have it in my stash for someday! I’ve never been to a needlework “event” but would love to go sometime. Thanks for your update about Louisville.

  4. I loved the original too, and wasn’t too sure how the new one would be, but I LOVE it. I have them all on DVD, and they just announced that the second half of the 4th season begins in January, so you’ve got just enough time to get caught up! 🙂