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November 7th, 2008 by Annette

Another Friday Stitchathon….

Here’s where I’m starting:

I’ve got the top band started and plan to add the houses, trees and rabbits to the square.

Otherwise it’s been a quiet, but stressful week.   (I am “management level” and am not in the 7,000.  However, my group did have an open position to help alleviate my *extremely* full plate – that has been cancelled.)


5 Responses to “Another Friday Stitchathon….”
  1. Whew!

    Good luck on the SAL!

  2. I wondered about how all this economic mess was affecting your business. I’m glad you’re safe but I’m sure it’s not easy to see anyone lose their job, when it could have been prevented.

    Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be sure to check back on your progress.

  3. Ooooo i lurv rabbits. That is some pretty fabric, I’ll have to go look at the mailing and see who’s that is. lol So organized, that’s me.

    I heard about the layoffs. I figured you were safe, but it still sucks.

  4. Melissa C. says

    Cute design! I hope you got a lot accomplished tonight.

  5. Love that fabric and design. I look forward to seeing your progress after the SAT. Also glad to hear that your job is safe!