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February 7th, 2012 by Annette

February WIPocalypse

And for this month’s full moon, we have quite an update!

As noted in the last post, I did finish Lizzie*Kate’s A Good Marriage!  Score ONE FINISH for the WIPocalypse. Woot!

All of the Jardin January pieces were also from the WIPocalypse list!  Score ONE for WIP Stitching Only!

In the first seven days of February, I’ve completed 10 hours each on two more WIPs from the list 🙂

Mill Hill’s Toy Shoppe (starting pic here):

Almost all the regular stitches are in.  For some of the white x’s that are interspersed with white beads, I’ll do them all at once.  All other x’s are complete 🙂  Just beading and a bit of backstitch left to go!

And after ten hours on L’Epoch Nouveau I ended up here: (starting pic)

Not bad!  I even finished a page.  I didn’t say it was a big page.

And the next two pieces that will see some time….

Ink Circles’ Masquerade and TW’s Dragon Ride (a last minute substitution in honor of the Year of the Dragon!).



13 Responses to “February WIPocalypse”
  1. Wow, great job on your January WIPocalypse progress!!

  2. Great progress on all your WIP and yay to finishing L*K’s A Happy Marriage! Your 2012 stitching is off to a great start.

  3. Nicely done! I’m so impressed that your WIPs are getting such love and you are even finishing things. Finishing…seems like such a foreign concept…

  4. Heavens– you’re an inspiration! This month I’m going to be like you!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  5. You made great progress last round, hope you’re able to accomplish as much this round!

  6. Great job – that Toy Shop piece is lovely!

  7. kielrain says

    Lovely progress. That egg is going to be stunning.

  8. Toy Shop is adorable! The egg is looking good! I think I’d be going nuts with all that black/dark blue? Good job!

  9. Ohh lovely progress and congrats on finishes!

  10. Great progress on everything! YGG!!

  11. Congrats on finishing L*K’s Marriage Sampler. The Toy Shop is looking great. I prefer your fabric choice to the one on the chart’s (kit’s?) photo. It looks more natural. The egg will be stunning, too.

  12. gorgeous stitching 😀

  13. Great stitching